Disruptive marketing is more than just a buzzword. It combines all of the marketing rules and tactics that many have been implementing for years and changing the narrative. Disruptive marketing aims to alter the public’s perception of both the business and the industry it operates within.

If disruptive marketing is done successfully, the perception people have of the business will have changed. The feeling individuals have around a business will switch to better, more positive ones compared to what they may have been previously. Apple products, for example, were not taken seriously in their earlier years, with many disregarding their products as bland. However, today they are one the biggest brands in the world.

Over the years, disruptive marketing has risen rapidly in its importance due to the advancements in technology, the increase in consumer expectations and also the fierce competition occurring in most industries. Businesses, across all sectors, understand the importance of how disruptive marketing can help to portray their firm in a positive light. These are just some of the ways that disruptive marketing has begun to change how businesses in today’s market are promoting themselves.

Becoming More Vocal On Social Media

It is estimated that 3.96 billion people are currently using social media across the world, which is almost double the number of users in 2015 (2.07 billion). Used by almost every generation of consumers, social media is a key marketing tool for any business.

Holding such power, marketing teams for any business are forced to discover a new way, disruptive ways, to try and engage their target audience on social media. Aside from being a popular platform used by many, social media can also help in creating a positive perception of the business in the minds of their consumers, especially those that post engaging content.

Improving Customer Experience

One of the best ways a brand can market themselves is through their customer experience. If consumers of their products or service were satisfied, whether it was due to it exceeding expectations or the personal touches a business provided, it will be something they remember and share with others. With experts predicting how customer experience could be a key brand differentiator in the years to come, it is worth understanding how your business can be ahead of the competition in terms of customer experience.

This includes exploring disruptive tactics to try and enhance customer experience. For instance, leaders could take a digital strategy course online to learn more about digital marketing and strategy, as well as disruptive strategies. Learning how to implement a disruptive marketing strategy into your business could prove to be a great benefit, especially as you and your marketing team plan for how you promote your company going forward.

It Is Affordable

Fortunately for small businesses, disruptive marketing does not require a large budget for it to be effective. Small changes such as altering how things are done, can create a shift in how consumers perceive your business. Taking an ordinary thing and transforming it into something more, is the type of disruption that consumers feel most comfortable with.

Ultimately, for any business to succeed, they must adapt to the changes in how people consume content and what proves to be the most successful marketing tactics. By not consistently evolving your approach to how you market your business, you will notice how your competitors are miles ahead as you try to keep up.

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