Apple came up with a feature that helps you to track how long you have been using your iPhone. The feature is available on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. The screen time feature is on the settings option. It is essential to use the screen time option as it’s good to know how much time you really spend on your phone. This feature has helped change our tech habits enormously in various ways, which include:

Using your iPhone healthily

The screen time option has helped many people discover that they are pretty much addicted to their phone. Screen time gives a detailed report of the time spent on every app and websites visited. The feature has helped people understand they are phone addicts, and thus, they have started finding new ways to solve the addiction problem. Also, you can check which app takes most of your time. This has helped people to cut the time that they spend on those apps.

Most people find out that at the end of the week that they spent about 30 hours on social media. This is unhealthy, and therefore, if you use the screen time, you can reduce it. Many people are using screen time to track their performance on reducing social media time. If you find you are reducing your screen time on social media, then you are making progress. Nowadays, most people are using their tech healthily because of screen time.

Content and Privacy Restrictions

The screen time has content and privacy restrictions option, which has helped many parents control how their children use their iPhones. Technology helps kids learn a lot, but certain apps and websites should be blocked from children to protect them. Parents can use screen time to restrict those apps from being accessed. The blocking is done using the downtime option. Downtime allows only apps that you have enabled to work. Parents also use it to limit the phone calls that come through the phone. Therefore, if you are a parent, and you do not want the kids to pick calls from strangers, you can allow only specific calls to go through using downtime. However remember to disable this option if selling your phone via websites such as sell my mobile as well as restoring all other factory settings.

Moreover, parents can use screen time as a way of teaching kids how to be responsible when using technology. A parent should give their children a certain limit that they should spend on educational apps. The parents would then be going through the daily report of the screen time to see if the kids disobeyed the rule. This has helped many parents reduce the time in which their children use their phones. Therefore, the screen time feature has helped to protect many children from accessing websites and apps that use technologies which can negatively affect children.

Managing Data

Data can be expensive, and thus, it is vital to track how much you use. You can enable the data check on the screen time feature. This feature has helped people reduce the amount of money that they use on technology. When you can tell how much data you spend, then you can reduce it. Screen time has helped reduce the data that people use on technology. This means that you cannot pass a certain limit of data, even if you are within your set time limit. Many people are now using technology with financial awareness.


The screen time has always allowed option where you can set the apps that you want to always be active on default. These apps will be active even when you have enabled downtime. This can be messages, maps, or FaceTime, among others. Therefore, you should not worry about unblocking and blocking certain apps when using your phone or when you leave it with your kids. Screen time has helped save many people who were unconsciously addicted to phones.

On the other hand, if you become social media savvy (nowadays referred to as a influencer), the time spent on your phone could earn you dividends…

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