Would you like a pay rise? Becoming indispensable at the business you work at puts you well ahead in a strong position to demand your terms of compensation.

In addition, with an unstable economic environment and poor job market activity are merely a couple of reasons for impressing your manager at work.

Avoid dismissal, being replaced, redundant, and increase your chances of promotion through doing acts that will always get you remembered.

  1. Improve and make processes more efficient

Improving processes will usually result in less time being spent on a certain task, which then means cost-savings on labour (i.e. your salary). This, in turn, allows you to ask your line manager if they’d like help with their work. If you relieve some workload off your manager, they’ll be less stressed. For this, they’ll always remember you. You’ll be the person they’ll put you in change if they are ever absent from work. This means more responsibility for you and so theoretically a step up in salary!

  1. Help colleagues with their work if you know better

Helping colleagues when you see them struggle will gradually increase your status within the organisation and strengthen the respect that your colleagues have for you.

If you can perform a certain task with shortcuts (e.g. a quick Excel shortcut or Macros) speak up and teach your colleague. It’s imperative not to come across patronising here otherwise it will work against you. Instead approach the matter with a humble, empathetic and helpful tone. Here’s an example;

You: “Hey Aysel, I can see you’re working on the revenue reconciliation. I can remember I really found doing that task was so repetitive and long.”

Colleague: “I know right, it’s something I always delay because I don’t like doing it.”

You: “Saying that, I’ve found this neat way of finishing it quicker. Try using the Transpose function in Excel. It will save you having to individual copy and paste each cell from its vertical format to the horizontal format.”

Colleague: “Oh wow, you legend, that’s saved me at least 1 hour every week!”

  1. Smile, be positive and be the uplifting character

Having an uplifting, positive attitude will lead to colleagues both senior and junior to associate you with greatness and general positivity. You’ll make your colleagues smile more often and thus doing so, colleagues will want to be around you more often thus increase your popularity. This is important in making your mark in the business. Having a strong following will make you the best candidate within the company to retain and promote as a model employee.

But we wary of sucking up to people. There’s a difference between blatantly flirting/excessively buttering-up and tastefully complimenting a colleague.

k11853315“You’re looking stunning as always, fancy dinner at mine tonight”

k11853315 “Is that a new dress/shirt? I like it, where did you get it from?”


So it’s clear that the second example was exaggerated, so if you’re looking to get sacked for gross misconduct, you might want steer clear of the second.


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