Employees are at the forefront of your business. They are the ones who represent you, the ones who do those mundane tasks which you don’t want to, the ones who you rely on to help make your business a success.

Simply paying them just isn’t enough to motivate and help keep them productive. Employees are valuable so make sure they feel it.

Give them a break

Working your employees long hours, asking them to stay a few hours extras, sending them late-night emails or asking them to put off holidays will make them deteriorate mentally and physically.
Give them a break, they’ll be more productive upon returning to work.2284502768_f7a27e66d5_z

Value them

Do you let your employees know you value their dedication, the work they do and their ideas?

It’s no good telling yourself you value them, you need to let them know you value them! Letting them know how much
you value them will give them a sense of trust and security.

Allow them to focus

Is your office environment distracting? Do staff have a nice clear space to sit down and work? Are you sending out heaps of emails to your employees daily? Studies show plain, clean colours are less distracting and help the mind focus and be more productive. If you’re sending employees several emails daily, stop. Nobody likes to be spammed with work. Think before you send, even if you’re only sending short tasks to them, it makes their workload appear greater and causes more stress. Sending one email at the end of the day instead of several during the day will resolve this issue.

A sense of purpose

Make employees want to come to work, not forcefully drag themselves out of bed after hitting snooze on the alarm ten times. You having a work-and-go-home attitude will make your employees lose interest in your business and this negatively affects their work. Keep telling them that your company does matter, make them fall in love with their work!

Office space

Is your office environment distracting? Do staff have a nice clear space to sit down and work? Having a clean office space for employees reduces the risk of hazards and can influence their productivity and well-being. It’s easy to maintain a clean work environment when you invest in a commercial cleaning service.

This is something that many UK business are starting to take advantage of thanks to companies such as Ideal Cleaning. The fact that this service has been established for over 70 years shows that the demand for them isn’t dying down. Using an experienced company like them will provide you with the reassurance that a professional job will be done.

With this in mind, your employees can focus less on the mess and more on the tasks at hand.

The right software

Part of the problem for your employee’s lack of productivity is the lack of correct software. Every business type should have the type of software that best suits it’s operations and activities. You should never have to settle for software that wasn’t designed to do the job you require of your staff. For example, if you were to run a hair salon you would use Hair Salon Appointment Software to book all your appointments, allocate the employee who will take care of a client and have features for specific types of services you offer. It makes sense to have software unique for the type of work you do.

Employ the above tactics and you’re very likely to notice a positive change in your employees, give them the value they deserve.

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