The coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on industries all over the globe. It has been undiscriminating in its effects, harming large and small businesses alike, across a range of different sectors. Although some companies, such as streaming services and delivery firms, have benefited from these unfortunate circumstances, most are struggling to stay afloat. We delve into how to build brand awareness during the lockdown.

While lockdown is beginning to ease, the UK is not out of the woods yet. The economy is still far from business as usual. Many workplaces remain closed, and workers across the nation are currently furloughed or unemployed. Companies must look to the future, and make a plan for how they will survive and thrive once the economy kickstarts. One fundamental way to achieve this end is by building brand awareness. 

Even if you are unable to generate new business right now, you can still set yourself up for future success by getting your name out there and promoting your products or services. This will help you to build and maintain a customer base to help you get off the ground once the lockdown is fully lifted. In many ways, this is an ideal time for your business to start increasing brand awareness. There are more people than ever at home engaging with technology, meaning that you have the opportunity to get more eyes on your brand.


Here are some tips for businesses to effectively promote themselves and build brand awareness during the lockdown.

Be a force for good

The world is still dealing with a crisis of unprecedented severity, and everyone wants to help wherever they can. We have seen many heartwarming stories of brands doing their bit to help out, such as creating additional protective equipment or providing free services for key workers. This is no time to be selfish. Any opportunity you can take to help out, either locally or nationally, will only cast you in a favourable light.

Be authentic

We’ve all seen brands jump on topical bandwagons on social media to try and build awareness. Although effective if done well, it can seem awkward and forced. Of course, your marketing should reflect what is going on in the world, but you should always be genuine, honest and true to your brand identity.

Create connections

More than ever, people are craving human connection. The population is stuck at home, separated from friends and family and desperate for the return to normal social lives. Be personal with your social media efforts, and show some character behind your brand. Interact with your followers and establish some trust.

Track down your audience

Where is your target audience hanging out? Are they checking their LinkedIn feeds for industry updates, or are they watching the latest dance craze on TikTok? Where your audience spends their time has most likely changed in light of the pandemic, so you may need to adapt your marketing strategy accordingly.

Go live

The use of live broadcasts on social media has rapidly increased over recent weeks. Brands and influencers are streaming more live content than ever on platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, and there are more people at home consuming it. Consider how your brand could leverage this trend. Perhaps by hosting a live Q&A session or sharing some industry knowledge.


Just because business is temporarily on hold, this is no time to be complacent about your marketing. You could even start preparing your marketing efforts for when the lockdown is over. Printing promotional materials such as flyers, banners and posters now will enable you to be ready for your next industry event or marketing campaign (companies like Duplo International can do this affordably and sustainably). By focusing on brand awareness now, you will set yourself up for greater success in the future.

Have we missed any of your golden lockdown tips to help build brand awareness? 

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