Health and safety in the workplace is an important subject. As so much of your employee’s time is spent at work it is crucial that the work environment promotes their health and safety. The Health and Safety at Work Act requires all businesses to protect their workers, so following the requirements of the act should be a priority for organisations. If you are looking to further improve your work environment for your employees, these tips should provide some useful suggestions:

Improve Fire Safety

Fire safety is a crucial concern for many businesses, so ensuring your fire safety precautions are as thorough as possible will help keep everyone safe. Upgrading your fire protection to include fire-rated doors, windows and curtain walling is a change that you may want to consider. You may like to learn more about fire protection for your building to find the best option for your needs.

Checking that all of your fire safety equipment is functioning correctly is also essential. Testing the fire alarm regularly and ensuring that fire extinguishers are in date and not obstructed by objects is crucial. Don’t forget to train all employees on the fire alarm procedure to ensure they know what to do if the fire alarm sounds. Notifying them of the location of the fire exits and where the fire assembly point is positioned is also vital.

Staff Training

Regular staff training is crucial to keeping everyone safe and healthy in the workplace. Accidents can happen easily, so ensuring that your team is regularly trained should improve their health and safety awareness and minimise the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Health and safety training is something that should take place during employee inductions, but also at regular periods throughout their time working in your organisation.

If you have new equipment or fixtures fitted at work, it is vital to carry out training for your employees to learn how to use these correctly. Knowing how to operate the equipment will help your team use it safely without putting themselves or others at risk. Your team should also understand the process of reporting any faults with the equipment, to help prevent others from becoming injured.

Provide Safety Equipment

Depending on your work environment, your employees might need safety equipment. These range from everything from hard hats to safety trainers. Make sure your employees have these on at all times. It’ll reduce the likelihood of any accidents, as well as minimize the chances of them getting hurt.

While this means putting a bit of an investment into it, workplace safety is more than worth the cost. At a minimum, it avoids you being liable for any accidents or injuries that happen in your workplace

Keep it Tidy

An untidy workplace can be an accident just waiting to happen. Objects left on the floor can be a serious trip hazard and can cause some nasty injuries, so ensuring that everyone knows that the floor space should be kept free from clutter is essential. Educating your team to clear up spillages as soon as they happen and placing warning signs on wet floors is a crucial way to prevent slips and falls.

Having adequate storage and archiving space will also help to keep everyone safe. Stacking up boxes of paperwork or abandoned office furniture in the corner of the office can cause a severe health and safety issue. Keeping these items stored correctly and safely should make it easier for your employees to access them whenever they need to without injuring themselves in the process.

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