If you are struggling to honour your contracts at the moment and would like to increase the size of your operations, it is important that you invest in a smart business expansion plan.

This will allow you to manage change in your organisation and make sure that you avoid at least some of the growing pains you have in your company. Below you will find a few tips on how to make the most out of your existing business assets and scale your organization.

Create Capacity to Fill

One of the main mistakes people make when they try to grow their business is that they overcommit and neglect their existing customers. If you are prepared for the extra work and number of contracts you are taking on, you will be able to serve your existing clients and manage your operations in a way that you are not letting anyone down or working 24 hours a day. Automate some of your processes, outsource, and take on staff when needed.

Invest In a Sales Funnel

Chances are that if you are focusing on a growth strategy you will neglect marketing your business. You might be spending hours on social media every day at the moment, but when the scale of your operation grows, you will simply not have the time. You can outsource your marketing or create a custom sales funnel that will automate your communication and allow you to focus on what matters most in your company.

Invest In Your Premises

Next, it is important that you create space to grow. You will need to accommodate your staff and the equipment you are using. If you need to finance your expansion and buy commercial property, you might be able to secure Belgravia Bridging Loans to get things in place for the time when your business has grown and the scale of your operation has multiplied.

Create an Impressive Brand

Another important investment you need to make is branding. You used to be a small fish in the big pond, but you have dreams now. You have to communicate this brand with your current and your future customers, so they know exactly what your mission, vision, and values are. Create a new logo, tagline, and slogan, and rebrand your website, making sure it is optimised for mobile devices and can reach all your potential customers.

Search for Collaboration Opportunities

When you grow your business, you will need to create and actively seek opportunities. Chances are that you cannot do it all alone, and you can benefit from the expertise of business partners, joint ventures, and collaboration agreements. Whether you are teaming up with a company that offers complimentary services or you are looking to secure a large contract to fill your capacity fast, you will be able to increase your productivity and profits.  


There are many ways you can improve your business in the growth phase. Have a smart expansion plan and be prepared for challenges ahead.


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