When you have a new business or a business in the infant stages, you may not be aware of how much of an impact your office space can have on productivity. A small, dingy, cold, office space that smells, is obviously not going to be the best place to perform well. It will also have the effect of putting off any potential investors or, indeed, new talented staff members. What you want to create is an open and inviting space that shows your staff that you care. Your surroundings are so important to your mental well-being too. A nicer space means you will have happier and more engaged staff.

Expand Your Space

If you have a rather small office space, then it makes sense to expand it. This can man the construction of a brand new building or extending what you already have. It would help if you had construction solicitors to aid you in all the planning and mitigation. Don’t try and get all your staff members into a space that is too small. It is not conducive to productivity. The outlay may set you back a bit but the end result will be worth it.

The Layout

When creating an optimum office layout, you need to think about energy and efficiency. You will want it to be open with space to breathe. Airflow is important in a large office space, and well is the opportunity for movement. You want meeting rooms to be easily accessible to everyone. Ideally, near the entrance so that any clients or guests do not have to enter into the main work zone. Centralized printers and copiers are a great way to enable equal access. Also, think about where best to place the toilets so that they are out of the way but easy to reach. Break-out areas near the main work zone are a good shout, a place to easily make teas and coffees.


As a business owner, you should look to reduce the amount of clutter in the office space. More clutter equals more cluttered minds, and vice versa. You could go paperless if at all possible and this will help with the amount of rubbish you collect and will help the planet too. You should also make it a part of the company culture to have a monthly de-cluttering of the desk to help keep the minds of your staff clear.

Natural Light

Enhancing natural light is a great way to boost productivity. Natural light is a mood heightener and can increase a person’s creativity too. You should remove any large objects blocking windows and place mirrors on the wall, as well as use light paint to rebound and reflect light.

Add Some Plants

Plants are great for the office space. Not only are they good to look at but they offer a whole range of other benefits too. These include naturally purifying the air everyone breathes by removing toxins and increasing oxygen levels. They actually release feel-good hormones, too, by tapping into the brain’s happy hormone serotonin.

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