There’s no ‘magic formula’ that can help you to create viral business videos, but there are a few things you can try that will help you to put together videos that wow your audience and naturally get more shares. Viral videos aren’t always planned. Some of them are flukes. Many of them were hard work, great timing, and a whole lot of luck. If you are willing to work hard, pay attention to the right posting times of each platform, and follow the advice here, you might just be in with a chance of going viral.

Keep Your Videos Short

Short and sweet videos are always best if you want them to go viral. People have short attention spans, and they want to learn things in a short amount of time. They don’t want a ton of filler. Obviously your video needs to have enough information to be valuable to the person watching, but it shouldn’t be more than a few minutes if you want a viral video. Make sure you have your editing skills honed and ready to go so you can cut out unnecessary bits, too!

Focus On One Message

Try not to get mixed up when you make videos. Some people like to turn the camera on, wing it and wait for the magic to happen, but it’s usually best if you have a plan. You don’t necessarily need to script your video if you want it to come out as naturally as possible, but you should define what your video is about and focus on getting that across clearly.

Use The Right Format For Various Platforms

Make sure your video is the right format for social sharing. A lot of videos on social media are watched without sound, so take that into consideration. Perhaps you could look into Animated Video Production and include subtitles in each video. This also makes them more accessible!

Create a Catchy Thumbnail

The first thing people will see is your video thumbnail. It should look compelling enough to get people to watch your video. Ensure it captures the essence of your video and entices people to watch – but don’t make it too click-baity. People won’t like this and it’ll make you look untrustworthy.

Pay Close Attention Once You’ve Published Your Video

The work isn’t over once you have published your video. You should take the time to carefully study and interpret the sharing data for the video so that you can create better, more targeted, shareable content time after time. The first video you make using the above advice may not go viral, but if you continuously use the analytics to improve, you might go viral sooner than you think!


Many businesses are applying the above advice to their videos with success, so try it and see what happens. You can’t just make videos and hope for the best; put a strategy in place and be consistent, and you should see massive results. We hope you’ve found the above tips on how to create viral business videos useful. Leave your thoughts below!

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