Employees form the foundation of a company. It is their commitment, drive and their work that helps to catapult a company forward to accomplish its goals. As they play such a vital role in the company’s overall success, one would assume that businesses would help their employees by providing training and development programs. However, almost a third of workplaces in the UK do not deliver personalised training opportunities to employees to learn new skills. Neither do they invest time in their employees’ development within the company.

Offering employees the opportunity to have training sessions, particularly personalised training sessions, is an excellent way to support staff. It can have a positive impact on their overall performance. Here are a few ways to deliver personalised training that will benefit your team.

Look At Mentoring

Mentoring provides an opportunity for younger employees to partner with more senior colleagues at the start of their careers. The senior employees, who are more experienced, can provide support and advice to their younger colleagues. They can share the skills they have learned in their careers and show how they can apply them to their work today.

The knowledge and skills mentors can help the mentee in their career progress. As both parties work in the same company, the knowledge shared can be explicitly personalised for succeeding within the business.

Utilise Learning Experience Platform

Learning management systems (LMS) are traditionally the platforms used by companies to deliver (digital) training to staff. However, also a learning experience platform (LXP) can be a unique and effective way to offer training to your staff. There are options available that combine the functionalities of both an LMS and an LXP. As HR industry analyst Fosway Group calls these all-in-one learning platforms: Learning System Suites.A great example is the learning suite available at im-c.com. It allows you to customise the content to suit your business. It is a unique and interactive way for your staff to learn more about a particular business area that they can integrate into their approach to work.

Using a learning platform like a learning (system) suite offers a personal approach to training, focusing on your staff’s development with the course. It will help the team retain the information and skills they have learned, which they can later use in their roles.

Check The Data

If you choose to use a learning suite to deliver personalised training for employees, consider checking the data it provides. The data collected can offer great insight into each learner. It can show you what topics have worked and resulted in high success rates and areas that have not worked.

With this information, you can then choose to optimise the content to create a better learning experience for your employees. Monitoring each employee’s performance can help you ensure that each individual succeeds in their training. Talking this personal approach to training will increase the chances of employees retaining the information and skills they have been taught.

Offering training programs to employees is an excellent way to show staff how valued they are. It is a perfect way to express to your employees that you are invested in their progress within the company. As such, you are willing to invest in training to help them develop new skills and expand their knowledge.

These newly refined skills and insightful knowledge can be great tools in helping the business to grow. Employees that feel valued within a company are more likely to be motivated to perform well. This motivation will be noticeable in their increased productivity levels and quality of work. These improvements will benefit both your team and your business.

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