Mark Zuckerberg may have succeeded despite his style of dress in the early nineties, but that doesn’t mean that you will. Zuckerberg was a success because he created a concept that no one had ever thought of before. Although your business is unique, the chances are that it may not be the next Facebook. To give your business an opportunity to become successful, you must take it seriously from the beginning. A part of that journey is contingent upon the way you dress. 

When it comes to entrepreneurial fashion, there are certain looks that all new entrepreneurs try to find. This is to ensure that they stand out in the right way, which in turn will help their business stand out. Dressing like a business owner isn’t about designer clothes and accessories. It’s about presenting yourself in a smart and well-groomed way and making that right first impression.

With this in mind, you may be wondering what it takes to dress like the successful business owner.  To help you create the right look, below are some useful styling tips to seriously consider.

Dress To Impress

Highly sought after business owners have built a business that goes above and beyond the norm. For example, Mark Zuckerberg may be able to get away with living in sweatpants and baggy tops. However, this is not the case for most business owners.

In an ideal world, every business owner would wear perfectly fitting Italian suits. But this look is not always achievable. Instead, tailored collared shirts, slim fit trousers or chinos can create a simple, smart and timeless look. A great range to browse for creating this kind of look is the John Henric UK collection, which has a wide range of suitable garments within it.

Don’t Forget Your Hair (Head And Face)

Also, remember to style your head in a stylish yet professional and smart cut. Need inspiration? Head over to Pinterest and search ‘men’s smart haircuts’ to obtain some good ideas. Make sure that you make time to style your hair if your hair requires daily styling. Look after your hair, wash it regularly and use quality products on it.

As for your facial hair, a beard or stubble is fine, as long as it’s neatly trimmed and kept looking polished. A clean shave, on the other hand, is your best bet. But, if you prefer a little more facial hair, ensure that it’s trimmed neatly.

Wear The Right Shoes

As a business owner, your outfit is not complete without a smart pair of shoes. Trainers might look great with a suit, but for business owners, they’re not a good look. You need to be wearing leather shoes that have a smart, and well-designed look to them. You want to wear a shoe that has a professional look to them. It should also work perfectly with your suit or outfit of choice.

As a business owner, naturally you want to ensure that you do everything in your power to be successful. This is why it’s so important that you know how to dress appropriately. Remember, first impressions matter in the business industry.




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