In order to be competitive, you need to have an edge. One of the best ways to do this is to hone and exploit your USP – unique selling point. Your USP is this thing that makes your company individual; it is the thing that your excel at better than anyone else; it is the strengths of your business and why people should buy from you rather than anyone else. Once you know what your USP is, how are you going to use it to beat the competition and get the latest share of the market possible to ensure your continued success? Let’s have a look:

Your Brand

You need to incorporate your USP as a vital component of your brand. Remember, your brand is a lot more than a pretty logo and company name. Your brand is your company philosophy, your ethos, and your core values. It is a story of how you came into being. What problem in people’s lives are you hoping to solve? Consider how your USP fits into your brand and then use it as an integral part of it. Your brand will help you connect with your customers, and your USP will draw them in and distinguish you from your competitors. Take a look at how your competitors position themselves and see if you can work out what they think their USP is from looking at their branding and marketing material. Maybe you can look at some of the most successful companies, such as coca cola or Google and see how they exploit their USP. You can learn a lot from analysing the marketing material of other companies who do it well, and mimicking them to some extent. If your USP is the material you use, such as the best DPM Sheeting to protect your customer brickwork, then your brand needs to reinforce how your company protects your customers from damp etc., better than any other company. How you do it is up to you, but you must use it in a way that engages your customer.

Promote Your USP

Your USP is the thing that you are most proud of. It is part of your brand identity. This is a pride that needs to be shared by all your stakeholders, such as investors, staff, contractors, etc. That means you need to promote it internally just as much as externally. Remember, your staff and other stakeholders may be some of your best promoters in terms of word of mouth. If they are true believers and love your products and USP, then you are on to a strong start. Promoting your USP is relatively easy to do when it is connected to your brand too. When you use social media, for example, your posts will naturally connect to your brand and USP. Your USP is how you connect with our target audience, so creating posts for the correct social media channel shout be relatively straightforward. This avenue will also help you generate more leads and attract more new customers.

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