How well are you marketing your small business at the moment? There’s a lot of advice out there about how to grow your business through marketing, once you’ve got your feet on the ground, but it can be hard to find out how exactly to get started with it. What do you need to get your foot in the door? How do you know when you’ve marketed enough? What does your potential customer base want to see from your company? Let’s go through these questions below.

Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do is a bit of market research; it’s always the way in, otherwise, how will you know what you need to market about? Your campaign isn’t going to come together on its own, and you need real insight into what your customers need. And there are many types of market research, so you won’t be pushed for choice here either.

You can put a survey together to generate anonymous feedback. You can hold group interviews with prospective customers, or go one on one with a select few. You can also hold a focus group once you’ve got the pitch for your product or service together; focus groups have the added benefit of being both a way to research and a way to verify any research you’ve already done.

Build Up Your Content

Do you blog? Do you post on social media at any other time than to promote a new product? If not, it’s time to publish a little more often. After all, content marketing is one of the most successful marketing methods you can employ in the digital era, and experts like Harvey & Hugo PR would highly recommend building up your own website’s content as a result.

Content building is an easy way to get started, but it takes commitment. Maybe you should start blogging about your business: write about subjects that target SEO keywords you’ve put together, and start building up a worthy backlog for search engines to get a hold of. You can then put out more on social media, with plenty of relevant hashtags to draw more attention your way.

Put a Budget Together

Now that you’ve got your market research on hand, and you’ve got some marketing goals in mind because of it, and you’re doing what you can to fill out the blog on the website, you can decide on the kind of budget you’re going to need.

It’s rare that a business is able to market entirely for free, so you’re going to need at least a couple thousand behind you right now. This budget will help pay for website adverts and sponsored posts across the internet; once you’ve got these in place, you can find out what it’ll cost you to advertise per click. The budget will be able to keep rolling over as a result.

Marketing isn’t an easy game, but it is manageable when you know how to get started.

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