It is no secret that in today’s world your business needs to be online. Yet what is commonly misunderstood by business owners and entrepreneurs alike is the work that goes into not only getting your business online but getting it noticed. Your business’s online presence will not simply just appear in front of people you want to see it, you will have to take a lot of carefully considered steps to make your business stand out online. Here is a list of some of the steps you can take to increase the online visibility of your business.

A website

First, foremost and most importantly your business will need a website. If someone is actively looking for your company online they don’t want the results returned in Yelp or other online business directories. They want to hear about you, directly from you and a website is the best way to do this. Ensure your website is professional looking and highly functional. Utilise specialised hosting providers with dedicated servers or experienced web designers to get the look you need. Don’t be afraid to outsource and plough in some of the company resources to get a finalised website that does your business justice and represents your company accurately. 

A top tip; be sure to claim your business on Google as this will help provide lots of important information about your business and ensure it appears at the top of the search results. 

Diversify your formats

While your website is a must it is not the only ‘must’ you should be using for expanding your online presence. Create social media profiles for your business to gain a wider reach. Choose all of the channels that are appropriate for your business, this may not be all of them. If you are unlikely to have followers or an audience of Tik Tok, then don’t use it. It will not be an effective use of your time.

In addition to social media work on building your email list. Your email contacts are the only followers that are truly yours and that cannot be taken away should a channel go down or your account be suspended. What is more, email is a fantastic way of getting directly in front of your audience and when email campaigns are executed effectively they can be an incredibly resourceful tool to have. 

Become an authority in your field

Whatever industry or niche you are in, if you can establish yourself as a leading authority or trusted source then people will look to you for news, information and updates. Your audience base will grow and your online presence will become firmly established. You can do this by staying apprised of current and relevant affairs and constantly updating your website and channels with the latest relevant news, trends and resources. 

Be authentic

Finally, authenticity is becoming more prevalent than ever for businesses. Customers want to do business with a company they can trust.  Use your online presence to be as transparent, honest and open as possible with your customer base. Use your online channels to engage with your customers, listen to them and react to their opinions. The more authentic and trustworthy you can be as a brand the more the word is likely to spread and the more traction you will gain.

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