If you run your business from home or a non-office based location; the idea of registering and legally having to publish your personal address on your website and stationary may be daunting.

Don’t forget the address you register as your company address is widely accessibly by the public and has to be printed on stationary and shown in the footer of your website by law.

Is there a solution for this? Yes. The good old PO Box.

A PO Box is a postbox service provided by Royal Mail. You pay for a 6 month (£105.00 +vat) or 12 month (£185 +vat) fee and have access to a postbox at your local Royal Mail delivery depot. You can use the PO Box address as your company address so long as you use the full PO Box and not abbreviated version of the address you are given.


  • You can keep your address private
  • Gives your company a professional presence.


  • You have to visit your local delivery office to collect post at least once a month (unless delivery option is purchased)
  • Can be costly if you do not receive a lot of post, then again; there is no price on privacy and security.

[information_box title=”Did you know?” ]You also have the option to have post delivered to your PO Box delivered to your door for an extra fee![/information_box]

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