Many businesses in the UK, cut their losses and had to let go of some of their workers. This meant they could slim down, operate at a bare minimum level. Some of them simply put people on furlough until they could run out the contracts of employment and then let them go. Lots of business owners did this because it was the only way they could stay afloat. However, every business leader now recognises that hiring workers is going to be the key for them in the next few months. They will need to return to pre-pandemic levels to make a success of their business post-pandemic. But how do you do this so quickly?

Virtual networking

Many of the best-known work fairs are still going on, but they are doing it virtually. Some job fairs in various industries, where they have an annual business exhibition, are going to occur over Zoom now. Up to 100 people can be in a single meeting and be split into small groups for meetings in ‘rooms’. These discussions will be held by managers and employers. There could be 9 hopeful people looking for a new job and one manager or recruitment officer in the room. This is something you should look into doing for your company. Virtual networking like this will become the norm once more.

Hiring through recruitment

The most obvious answer to your recruitment woes is targeted hiring by working with a recruiter like crooton. They have tons of experience in finding the best candidates, allowing for multiple hires per campaign and charging a one-off fee at the start of a recruitment campaign. Some recruiters will want a fee just for finding a candidate. So even if you don’t hire them, you are still paying. This company also only charges 15-20% of the salary on offer, when you hire someone. So if the salary for the candidate is £50,000, you may only pay £15,000 for the candidate that is found. Hiring talent this way is also a lot easier in some respects. Rather than listing an ad on a site like Indeed, you can target specific talent pools within your industry. 

Hiring tests?

Hiring takes a long time and usually, it costs more than it should. So to cut to the chase, you should devise a test that candidates should take before they get any further. Once upon a time, before the pandemic, this was thought as too costly and too rigorous. However, if the test is short and it can funnel the right candidates to the next stage it’s worth it. With more time on our hands since we are living and working from our homes, doing a 30-minute of 1-hour test at home is not such a big deal anymore. 

Increasing your workforce can be done in many ways and these are just some of them. Do you feel that your business could struggle to hire more workers again post-pandemic? If so, why?

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