Those who work in the highway and road construction industry know better than anyone just how dangerous the job can be. You are often working right next to live lanes of traffic, and in the case of highways, those vehicles are moving at extremely high speeds. That, combined with the volume that so many of the major roads see nowadays, means these road construction crews are truly doing a very dangerous job.

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), during the time period of 2003-2017, 1,844 workers died on road construction sites, which averages about 123 per year.

With that in mind, here are some essential safety tips and equipment that can be implemented into the job site, in order to protect the safety of workers, and motorists.

Make Sure Everyone Has Proper Training

One of the best tools you can give to your crew when it comes to safety is providing them with all the training they could possibly need. They need to understand all the potential incidents that could happen while on the job, how to manage risks, and how to deal with situations when they arise. Only when they have all the necessary training can they make safe and informed decisions.

Make Sure There Is a Traffic Control Plan in Place

The next step is to make sure there is a traffic control plan in place. Depending on where the construction is taking place, that plan may actually be set forth by the state. If that’s the case, all rules and regulations need to be adhered to in a strict manner.

Use Crash Cushions

Another tip is to use a crash attenuator at the end of any concrete barrier, such as the impact attenuator you can find through Buyers Barricades. The SLED impact attenuator from Buyers Barricades works by shielding the end of steel, concrete, and plastic barriers and provides a non-directive gating crash cushion. It actually ruptures and deforms when it is hit and is able to absorb the energy of the vehicle. This helps to prevent a car from crashing into live lanes or a construction crew of workers, in other words, it can limit a secondary accident from occurring.

Buyers Barricades SLED modules are made from bright yellow polyethylene, so that it’s easy to spot in all conditions. It helps to make those barricades much more noticeable to drivers.

Wear the Proper Safety Clothing at All Times

Regardless of the weather, it’s also important that all crew members are wearing the proper safety clothing at all times. This means reflective vests/jackets, so they are visible, safety goggles, hard hats, construction boots, and work gloves.

Night Work Needs to Proceed with Extreme Caution

Then there’s the fact that extra precautions need to be taken should the work be done at night. The first measure will be in installing ample lighting for the crew and to make the work site visible to on-coming traffic.

Safety is a Top Priority

At the end of the day, keeping your road construction crew safe and out of harm’s way should be the number one top priority for your crew.

Lastly, ensure you have an equipment maintenance plan.

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