Coming up with a unique business idea or concept is a great feeling and one that doesn’t happen very often in life. When inspiration strikes, it’s essential that you commit to an idea and work as hard as you can to manifest your vision into a real success story. Very few entrepreneurs will have the available funds to bring their idea to life, leaving the majority needing to find investment and financial support from third parties. A nerve-wracking, but ultimately necessary part of this task is an investment pitch. Potential investors need to hear a coherent and well-prepared plan of action to be comfortable with supporting it. This preparation and impetus is down to you, the entrepreneur. So, how can you prepare your investment pitch and give yourself the best chance of being successful?

Present yourself, not just the idea

An investment pitch is as much about yourself as it is the business idea you are pitching. Thus, ensure that you present yourself as best as you possibly can. This includes dressing professionally, arriving on time, and greeting your audience as you would in any other situation. If you’re pitching to investors in the capital, why not prepare and get a good sleep in one of London’s serviced apartments before your meeting. If you are relaxed but energetic, this will come through in your pitch too.

Show your passion and enthusiasm

Investors want to see your passion and enthusiasm about an idea, not just how promising a business venture it may be. You are more than likely going to steer the ship and investors will want to have confidence in your commitment to the project. The right idea should automatically enthuse you, if it doesn’t, maybe it’s not the right one for you.

Practice, practice, practice

The key to an effective presentation is ensuring you leave lots of time for practice. It will help to calm your nerves, embed the important information in your head, and highlight any areas that need rethinking or removing. Practicing in front of someone else can allow you to ask for feedback on rhythm, energy, and structure, whilst also getting used to presenting with a real person in front of you.

Be prepared for the difficult questions

Perhaps one of the most crucial parts of any investment pitch is at the end. Potential investors will undoubtedly have questions to ask you, most of which will not be straightforward to answer without preparation. Take time to identify what questions you may be asked, focusing on areas of weakness that you know they might pick up on – these will be targeted and scrutinized thoroughly.

If you’re preparing for an investment pitch in the near future then consider these key points. Try to remain calm and make a good impression, then you can proceed with outlining your business idea.

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