As fulfilling and rewarding as it can be, being an entrepreneur is not without its challenges. Every new business owner has their own struggles to face, but the one almost all have to deal with is the financial uncertainty.

When you work as an employee, you tend to get paid by the hour and know exactly how much money you’ll take home each month. This isn’t the case for entrepreneurs. If you’re facing money troubles, here are six ways you can boost your income.

1. Host A Corporate Event

Hosting a corporate event is a brilliant way to make some extra money, as well as being a great opportunity to spread the word of your name and brand. However, before you can start charging people to attend such events, you need to build up a loyal following. You can do so by forming meetup groups and running smaller free events on areas you have expertise in.

2. Become An Online Tutor

The biggest issues with events are that they can take a lot of time and money to organise. Online classes, on the other hand, require very little. With that in mind, if you still wanted to teach a little something to others in your industry, then you could tutor them online. There are platforms that allow you to do this, but, if you already have students lined up, all you need to do is set a rate.

3. Work Elsewhere Part Time

Many entrepreneurs continue to work on a full or part-time basis until their business is making a regular profit. If you realise that you need to do the same, then there’s no shame in that. Just head over to a job site, such as Jobs in Football to see what positions are available. Alternatively, you could apply for work-from-home gigs, so you don’t have to sacrifice your flexible schedule.

4. Write About Your Expertise

Once you’ve established yourself as an expert in your industry, more and more people will want to hear what you have to say. In fact, they’ll even pay for it. If you don’t feel comfortable teaching people face-to-face, even over the internet, then write your lessons down instead. Whether it be in the form of a book or blog, as long as you write well, it is possible to make some money.

5. Rent Out A Room

Never leave a spare room empty to collect dust. Instead, create the perfect guest bedroom and rent it out to anyone who needs it. Depending on your situation, you could do so on a long-term basis, by bringing in a lodger, or for just days or weeks at a time. If you don’t have any spare space, you could even consider investing in property and renting out homes to tenants instead.

6. Lend Money To Peers

Lending money, regardless of who it is to, will always seem risky. After all, there is the chance that your borrower won’t or won’t be able to give your cash back. However, lending companies have made it much simpler for anyone to become a lender safely. This means that you can help someone when they need it and earn extra cash in interest too.


If you want to earn some extra cash, hopefully, one of the methods above will suit you.


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