Are you starting your own business? Are you going to need a physical workspace for your employers but you’re not sure where to start? Take a look at the tips below for some ideas on how to set up a successful office.

Working From Home

Before starting to plan an office, think about how many staff you will need to provide for. Would it be beneficial for the company to ask some of your staff to work from home? This would help you to save on overheads.


One of the first things you will need to do is purchase furniture for your office. You will need tables and chairs which are suitable for what they will be used for, for example, if your staff are going to be dealing with a lot of paperwork make sure they have plenty of space to work on. You need to consider their physical welfare for example, by making sure their chairs are supportive. It is also important to make sure your staff’s workspace is an enjoyable place to be, with decorative items which will help them to enjoy being at work and will therefore motivate them.

You will need to think carefully about your business and what it will need to function successfully. From telephones, printers and stationery, to more personal items to help motivate your staff like speakers and water machines.

You will also need to provide an area in the office where food can be prepared and stored, with plenty of surface space and basic appliances like a kettle and fridge.

Staff Room

Similarly, your staff will need somewhere to relax and unwind during their breaks. This will help them to be more productive when they are working. Think about the kinds of things which would help you to relax, for example sofas, perhaps a television, and of course somewhere for them to eat and drink.

Confidential Rooms

When you have a body of staff it is important that you take the time to consider their welfare. Issues will inevitably arise which will need to be handled properly. It is a good idea to have spare rooms where your staff can speak to you in private if they need to.


One of the most important things to set up when you have established your physical office is your company’s network. Having a network allows staff to communicate with each other, share and access information, connect to hardware like printers, and use software. It also allows you to all share an internet connection which you can then tailor to the company’s needs. It also helps you to ensure confidentiality with certain information. Networks are easy to keep on top of too, as you can analyze traffic to locate any issues, for example, you could take a look at Jon Watson’s list of packet analyzers to see which tools are available to use.

So, if you’re about to set up an office, think about how many staff you need to cater for. Think about what furniture they will need and what equipment they’ll be using. Their wellbeing is important so make sure you consider their need for a place to eat and unwind, and the fact they may need to speak to you in private from time to time. And most importantly, start setting up your company network so that you can communicate with each other effectively.

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