Are you interested in getting your brand and product seen by more people? Instagram can help you with this.

Now that Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, it’s no surprise that loads of brands are investing their time into perfecting their Instagram account.

However, it’s not just the numbers that you should be worried about, instead you should be thinking more about the people who are using Instagram… how can they benefit your business? Are they the right fit for your business? What is it that you need to do, to grab their attention? Instagrammers are shoppers, and you need to figure out a way to reach out to them and get them interested in your business.

Make Sure You Share Great Content Consistently

It’s a lot easier nowadays to take a photo of something interesting, thanks to the accessibility of smartphones. You no longer need to have an expensive camera in your hand to take a good photo. But just because it is a lot easier to take a photo, does not mean that you shouldn’t spend time making sure that your photos look professional and eye-catching. By sharing great photos, you can stand out amongst similar businesses, as you will be the more visually appealing one.

It doesn’t just stop at taking good photos though, you need to make sure that you post them at the right time and that you have a very good reason for posting something. You can’t just post a random picture of a dog just because you think it’s cute, you need to have a reason behind it. You should also make sure that you share great content consistently, don’t just share one image and then forget about it for the rest of the week.

If you can, you should pick a time that seems the most popular amongst the people who are checking out your site. When you know the most popular times for posts, you can then schedule posts (you can find out how to schedule Instagram posts here). It’s a lot better to schedule posts, as you can plan what you want people to see and when you want to see it. So, this is perfect is you are planning on doing a big promotion at your business.

Attract People’s Attentions

This is a really key thing that you will need to work on. You can’t just post any random picture. You need to make sure that the picture is of good quality and will attract the people’s attentions. You should be creating popular Instagram posts that people want to follow. You’ve probably heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure you pick the right picture.

The key to getting an active audience engagement, is to make sure that you are both offering great design and value to their lives. Before you post anything, make sure you spend a little time editing the photo so that it really pops. You should also get used to taking hundreds of photos of the same thing, but at just different angles, or different lightening until you get the perfect picture.


Once you have captured the perfect image, it doesn’t just stop there. You have to make sure that you think of things like the hashtags that you use. Hashtags can be incredibly powerful things and can help create awareness of what you’re up to. They work like a search tool. So, you should make sure you pick hashtags that people are going to be actually looking for.

It doesn’t just end there though, when you make a post, you should write a caption before posting. Then after you post, you should go into the comment section and attach your #hashtags. As this will allow your content to be found easier. These are just a few simple things that you can do to help your business grow with Instagram. However, if you are interested in helping your business grow further, then you can check out this guide here.

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