In this day and age, no business is going to get anywhere far if they don’t have a website. This counts even more if you’re planning on extending your business over different towns, cities, and even continents!

A website is a go-to place for anyone that wants to find out more about the business they are about to purchase from, and that alone should be a reason to ensure that not only do you have a website, but you’re working hard on it to impress! So, here are some ways in which you can make your website perform better for both you and your customers alike!

SEO, SEO, and more SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is, to put it simply, the most important thing when it comes to creating a website. Think about when you want to find something out. You go to the internet to a search engine right? Those keywords that you’re using to find the answer to your queries are all important, and people have researched this and integrated it into their website so that, eventually, you land on their page. This applies to your website too. Think about search terms that people might use to find your website and use them within your site and it’s content. Doing this will make your pages rank higher within search engines, meaning that people are more likely to land on your page than a competing business. You should hire an SEO consultant to help gain the most from SEO.

You should also consider integrating SEO into your website design, so it may be worth talking to your website designer about how they can do this for you so that you’re getting that all-important traffic to your website.

Look at your page speed

Page speed is super important, and if your website isn’t performing fast enough and people are left waiting, you’re likely to lose out on customers. Did you know that for mobiles the expected load time is 2 seconds, and for a web page it’s 4 seconds? If your website is taking longer than this, you’re likely to be losing out on customers. You can increase your page speed with these simple tricks:

  • Reduce the size of your images to help your pages load faster.
  • While they look great, page sliders dramatically reduce your website’s ability to load quickly. Get rid of them!
  • Remove any apps or add-ons to your website that may be slowing it down. get the idea!

Content is key

Much like SEO, content is one of the most important aspects of a website. Having what your business is about is all well and good, but you need to be giving your readers something for nothing to ensure they come back time and time again. Enter content! Having great content (which you should totally integrate SEO into) is the key to gaining a regular readership and giving back to your customers.

Share your content

Finally, once you’ve integrated SEO, sped your website up, and created decent content, you still can’t expect people to stumble upon it by chance. While SEO will help with this, you should also be taking advantage of social media to share your content. You may already be aware that social media has the power to make content go viral in a matter of minutes and hours. Build up your following on social media so that when you share content, you’re getting the interest you’re after!

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