If you have a business and have done even a miniscule amount of research, you’ll likely have a good idea of how important having an app is. Sure, it might not work for every type of business, especially if they already have a high quality, responsive website that can be accessed on multiple devices. However, it can work for the majority if businesses, so you need to seriously consider whether building one is right for you.

Here are some things to think about when you’re mulling this over:

  • Could an app make the lives of our customers easier? Could it simplify something for them?
  • What is our budget? How advanced would we like it to be?
  • How will we make sure it is as effective as possible?

You can ask yourself all kinds of questions to come up with your answer. Just bear in mind that within the first few days alone, 77% of users stop using an app they have downloaded. Over the next few days/weeks, 95% of people stop using it altogether. What will you do to make sure you retain as many people as possible?

Read on to ensure you use your app the smart way!

Gather Customer Data

An app is a great piece of kit for gathering customer data. You can use lots of things to gather customer data, but it is another great addition that will help you to figure out how your audience are acting and what you need to give them to improve.

Improve Engagement

An app is the perfect thing to improve engagement for your business. You’re effectively building another direct marketing channel that your audience are downloading on their phones. You can send them notifications and anything else you see fit to help improve engagement. Keeping customers happy and engaged is key to keeping them on board.

Design Your Onboarding Process Properly

The onboarding process is the process used once somebody has downloaded the app. How will you make sure they know how to use it properly, and where to go for what? You need to design it so that they are an expert in using it in no time, which means they are less likely to stop using it.

Get Feedback

Use the app experience to get feedback. Ask people if they will give you honest critiques so you can improve, not only your app, but your business and what you’re doing for the whole. Lexel, the app developers know how important this is, and will ask for it themselves when building it to get it right. You might think you know exactly what people want, but you’re much better off letting them tell you.

Keep People Coming Back For More

You need to keep people coming back for more if your app is going to be a success. How will you do this? Here are a few ideas:

  • Competitions
  • Loyalty points, bonuses, and other incentives
  • Well timed push notifications

How will you use your app?


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