Let’s start with a question:

“You have the opportunity to hire one other person into your company. That one person can be fictional or nonfictional, past or present, and could be a thinker, politician, celebrity, business leader or even your next door neighbour. Who would you hire and why?”


I would hire the Doctor, the principal character from the popular science-fiction television programme Doctor Who. A career in business or finance requires versatility, communication, resourcefulness, intelligence and the ability to deal with pressure. In this discussion, I will proceed to explain why the Doctor is the perfect candidate.

Firstly, it is important to devise and stick to a clear and precise strategy. Any candidate would have to be innovative and able to navigate difficult situations. The Doctor has a full knowledge of the time vortex, and using this complex knowledge of time and space, he is able to solve the problems that come his way. The way in which this character acts with direction, even at the most difficult of times, shows us that he is capable of problem solving.

Secondly, any candidate would have to be able to cope with a dynamic environment. This area requires that you have the ability to be able to think of more than one task at once. More often than not, it is the case that the Doctor has to not only save his companions, stop the planet from burning, but also stop the aggressor in question. He proves that he can handle huge amounts of pressure and often save the day.

Thirdly, any candidate would have to be intelligent and versatile. While this comes partly through being able to problem solve, it also takes an instinctive understanding of the sector, that allows you to be able to succeed in financial services. The Doctor, due to being a Time Lord, has an advanced understanding of intergalactic politics, science, history, alien technology, mathematics and medicine. He not only proves to the audience that he is extremely intelligent, but that he can try his hand at anything.

Fourthly, it is important that the candidate can communicate well. One must be relatable, a team-player and able to hold the respect of a group of people. The Doctor, even though he is an alien, he is able to work with not only humans, but any race or species, in order to solve the problem at hand. He holds respect for all and sees all races as important. This is a vital trait to be found within such a hands-on area of work.

The picture I have painted of the Doctor may appear to show him to be a character that is perfect. However, this is not the case. I would be looking to hire someone who can grow professionally and learn from their mistakes. The Doctor makes many mistakes and as many worlds as he saves, he also cannot save everyone. All of his experiences on the show only serve to flesh out his character further, making him wiser in the future.

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