Do you love movies? Having the right gadgets and technology in your home could help to make your movies all the more entertaining. Here are just a few modern technologies that every diehard cinephile should embrace.

Upgrade your TV

HD TVs are no longer something to shout about – these days, UHD TVs (Ultra High Definition) are the must-have gadgets. These TVs have a resolution of over 4000 pixels (which is why they’re also often referred to as 4K TVs). In fact, there are now 8K TVs on the market with 8000 pixels resulting in even higher definition. Such a TV could truly help to bring movies to life.

There’s also the size of the screen to consider when choosing a TV. Some modern screens now exceed 80 inches in width. Of course, not everyone is going to have the space for one of these in their living room, but if you do have the space it could be great way to experience the power of the cinema in your own home.

There are also other modern features worth looking into when upgrading your TV. Curved TVs are all the rage nowadays, allowing people from all around the room to get a good view of the screen. There’s also the option of a smart TV to consider – these TVs allow you to control your box from your phone.

Set up a surround sound speaker system

When it comes to the sound quality of your movies, it could also be worth upgrading your speakers. Wireless surround sound speakers could be worth looking into – these can be placed in all the corners of your room to make the sound feel as if it’s coming from around you. Another option meanwhile could be to buy a sound bar. These take up less space that a set of speakers – they’re positioned in front of the TV and use their curved shape to bounce sound around the room. This could make action films all the more intense and horror films all the more terrifying.

Convert your VHS tapes to DVDs

If you were into collecting movies before the advent of DVDs, it’s likely that you may have some video tapes in your collection. Whilst you can buy all-in-one DVD/video players, another option could be to convert your old VHS tapes to modern formats. There are services out there that can now convert VHS to DVD. This could allow you to keep all your movies on the same format.

Stream movies on the go with a tablet

Want to watch movies on the go? A tablet can be a handy gadget to own for watching movies whilst travelling. There are various apps for downloading movies – this allows you to watch movies even if you’re not connected to wi-fi. Alternatively, you can using streaming platforms such as Netflix on your tablet, giving you an endless selection of movies to choose from.

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