Improving your workplace can have untold benefits for your business and its operations. When it comes to the reasons people leave their jobs, research has shown that most times, it isn’t the work they want to leave behind as they move to a similar field; it is the people and the workplace culture that is what they want to escape. Sure, this isn’t true for everyone leaving a job role, but it can play a massive part in why people stick around or jump ship.
So how can you avoid this and retain your talent and not have them leaving for pastures new? It’s all about your employee culture and how your team feels when at work. Chances are, if “every night feels like a Sunday night”, to quote a popular phrase demonstrating an employee’s dread at heading back to the office, you are seriously lacking in your workplace culture and need to rectify it. Read on to learn more.

Streamline Operations

How easy is it for people to do their jobs? And how well are they able to do it? Efficiency leads to a loss for over a quarter of the average person’s working day, meaning that in an 8-hour day, over 2 hours are wasted simply trying to get the job, not actually doing the work you need them to.

By putting effective measures in place and using technology and software at your disposal, you can improve how your employees can access data, collaborate and make things work for you. Sometimes it isn’t enough to simply install the software; you need to look at further CRM integrations, for example, to increase efficiency and allow everyone to do what they need to do with ease. But you also need to make sure that the software you use is tailored to what you do for enhanced useability too.


Once you put measures in the palace to make it easier for people to do their job, you need to be asked for feedback on how things are working and how people feel in the office. Sure, you can’t please everyone, but you can ensure everyone’s needs and suggestions are heard. Talk to everyone collectively and individually and get constructive feedback on life in the office and how they feel to help you put measures in place to improve your operations and our company culture too. You need to be able to take constructive feedback and give it out. If there is an issue, you need to be able to get to the bottom of it quickly and get it fixed without slinging morale and having people work against you. So be confident in your feedback but also make sure it is constructive and beneficial and offers employees the chance to learn from you.


Transparency in the workplace is vital. This doesn’t just mean visually. People need formation to be able to do their job and need to know things that can affect their ability to do that. Research indicates that companies who hide things from employees that should be common knowledge foster an environment of secrecy, poor management and reduced productivity. So as much as possible, share details people need to know when theory needs to know them. This doesn’t mean sharing all of the company information with everyone, but if it’s on a need-to-know basis, then make sure they know. Not only can this help people to do their jobs, but it also creates an environment of trust and opens the lines of communication. Leading us to the next point.


Communication is the backbone of all businesses. Communication from management to employees, between employees and everyone in the industry, customers, and suppliers. A break in the chain of communication can lead to mistakes, and mistakes in the workplace can increase tensions. Avoid this and improve your company culture by putting effective methods of communication in place. Ensure everyone knows how best to connect with others and do it efficiently. Communication needs to be a priority with everyone, so using collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana, and more can allow an easier way for your team to work together while putting out clear marketing messages, having multiple ways to contact your business and having an active social media presence that engages with followers can be beneficial in improving communications with customers as can following up on calls and queries in a timely manner.


Improving employee culture can take time, but it is definitely an aspect of your business you need to focus on to make improvements for the better; your employees are the backbone of your company, and ensure they feel good about what they do and don’t dread coming into the workplace can help you to help perform at their best each and every day.

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