There are many improper methods of making your business logistical network more efficient. For example, you could cram more boxes and products than you should ideally store in each truck to ensure more make it to the destination on time. You could run 24/7, hiring freelance drivers around the clock to keep your network running. Yet of course, these measures are never going to reflect well on your standards and capabilities as a brand, and in most cases, this will only cause issues and potentially cause your business to run foul of essential regulations.

No – if you hope to improve logistical efficiency, it’s important to do so without cutting corners. But how might you achieve that? After all, logistics involve heavy regulations on daily driving hours, the routes you take, the noise you cause, and the routes you travel.

Never fear, for in this post we’ll discuss a few measures to take your logistical approach to the next level. You may be surprised just how well it works:

JIT Supply Chains

Working on your just-in-time supply chains can help you avoid having to store too many items or hold too many products on the books for long. You can also then plan appropriate supply for when client orders are large or small, giving you the chance to scale more easily from day to day. You might not get it perfect 100% of the time, and sometimes measures outside of your control may stop you from getting supplies when you need them, but with good alternate options, some extra inventory just in case, and paying as you go for proper logistical planning, you’ll be moving in the right direction.

Warehouse Design

The layout and design of your warehouse mean more than you may give it credit for. How easily staff can navigate, how well the lighting prevents foreseeable safety issues, and how your labelling allows for easy identification and sorting shows that good investment pays dividends over time. Great warehouse design can also make accepting deliveries from your loading bay that much easier to deal with. Moreover, great warehouse design integrates security measures like cameras, good lighting, and keycard access to prevent thefts or a lack of accountability if issues do occur.

Vehicle Testing

If you own trucks, then they need to be serviced capably and on a regular basis to ensure safety and regulatory compliance. But that doesn’t mean you have to bear this chore during your busiest times and see your productivity capacity fall because of it. For example, with a HGV brake test you can ensure essential safety features are properly inspected and then move straight back into service. With appropriate garages assisting continual maintenance and callouts, you’ll also find that you can keep more trucks on the road year-round, which in itself is a successful approach to take.

With this advice, you’re certain to improve your logistical efficiency, without even the desire, temptation, or hint of interest in cutting corners. As such, you’ll be productive to a fault.

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