There is no doubt that as technology has advanced more and more in recent years, so too has the way that different industries operate. Specifically, more businesses have now moved online or incorporated online into their business plans. It seemed that prior to 2021, the likes of online shopping and gaming were already becoming more mainstream; however, the natural process of things was sped up as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. As people were forced to stay home, living life and doing business online became more or less mandatory, and now, organizations are trying to work out how they can keep their online presence booming in the long term.

Some industries are doing a lot better at mastering the digital world than others. Granted, these kinds of things take time, but it is interesting when you have a moment and consider the markets that are still yet to fully transition to digitalization compared to those that are not only functioning online but excelling. This begs the question, what industries are doing the best since the move to digital? Well, this article will look into that in more detail.


Traditional marketing tended to involve people paying for either a page in a magazine dedicated to their business or a billboard that showed their brand to passers-by. While these are still used, they are nowhere near as effective because the marketing industry has managed to develop online and is thriving.

When a company decides to develop some kind of digital marketing strategy, their options with how to get their brand in front of people are much more vast than they would be using traditional methods. People are able to take out ads using social media, on Google, and on YouTube. As well as that, marketing can be done by creating content on a website that is optimized for search engines, meaning if someone were to Google a term in their industry, said the company would be one of the top results.

Marketing online can also be targeted towards prospective customers a lot better. If we consider traditional methods, were a company to run an ad on a billboard, they would have to hope that some of the people that see it are interested in their product. When using ads online, they can be targeted specifically towards people who have been looking at products that relate to their industry. Due to the overall effectiveness of marketing online, it is something done extremely frequently now, and there is no doubt marketers have mastered the digital world.


Gaming has always been popular, but the growth the industry has seen in recent years truly is extraordinary. This can be put down to a few different reasons, such as the quality of games made and consoles being a more popular choice among the younger generation; however, the gaming industry’s ability to capitalize on the digital revolution is a driving factor towards its success.

Mobile gaming and gaming on computers have become incredibly popular over the years as sites such as have drawn in a number of customers who found them online. In fact, the online casino industry is thriving thanks to its ability to embrace the digital revolution. Not as many people are heading out to actual casinos anymore and instead are playing online from the comfort of their own homes.


Online shopping saw an increase in popularity as a result of the pandemic as well as people had to take to the internet in order to buy goods as opposed to going out to shops themselves. Online shopping has, as a result, thoroughly come to terms with how to connect with customers online and generate income as a result.

This is a massive benefit to consumers everywhere as their shopping needs are no longer limited to what is around them, and they instead have the freedom to browse different shops from all over the world. Online stores also benefit for the same reason as they can ship to people all over the world rather than just selling to those who actually walk into the shop. This is another great example of an industry that has seen the potential in running a business online and snatched up the opportunity to run with.

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