What is the most successful type of business to startup? We’ve done the research and disclose the facts right here!  There are many written pieces on the internet that attempt to explain to us how to create a business, but all seem either to be too complex or involve to much jargon. Here at Start Smarter, we’ve teamed up with DLR Accountants to bring you an easy-to-follow infographic guide that helps you to decide what sort of business you’d like to startup.  From choosing your business’s legal structure, to deciding if it’ll be a physical business or an online business, we’ve done the analysis for you to make your decision easily. We’ve also done the research to bring you interesting facts such as: the most successful type of businesses to startup Software businesses and Online Survey businesses.

Scroll down and take a look at the infographic below to find out what the next best are!

DLR-business-guide infographic

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