The way a search engine treats your website can determine a lot about where your website appears when people search keywords. That is why you should submit your website’s URL to search engines.

Once you’ve created your website you’ll want to maximise the traffic to your site in the most cost-efficient way.

There are a number of ways in which you can increase your listing. One of the first things you’ll want to know prior to developing your online marketing plan is to ensure your websites URL is indexed by search engines. Thankfully, you can check whether a certain engine has picked up your website.


Checking Your Website

Go to the search engine’s website, then simply do a search for your websites URL, for example; type into Google’s search bar, ““.

Once submitting this, if your website is one of the listings you’ll know the search engine has recognised the existence of your site, thus indexing it. However if it hasn’t populated your website upon making the URL search you’ll need to submit your website to the search engine.


 Submitting Your Website

You can submit your websites URL directly to the search engine, or alternatively, you can use a handy ‘all-in-one’ submitter. This essentially means that you’ll only need to visit 1 site to submit your websites URL to many search engine rather than visiting each individual search engine and repeatedly typing out your details. They also submit your site to a plethora of search engines and directories.

Direct links



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All-in-one third party links  


Submit Express:


Regular Submission or One-Off?

It is debated whether regular submission of your website provides benefit to your search engine rankings. Some online marketers actually offer a paid service which entails monthly submission of your website. I’d argue that doing so won’t make a difference, instead, traditional methods such as PPC (pay-per-click) marketing will have a greater significant effect on your site, although costly.

However there isn’t much research out there to rule out the ineffectiveness of regular submission. Thus I’d argue that regular submission – without paying a third party for automated regular submission – it only takes a matter of 2 minutes to type your URL into one of the one-off submitters. So doing this manually every month is sure not to be time-consuming.

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