When it comes to running a business there always seems to be a lot to be thinking about, and while you may have a lot of spinning plates going at once, there is always something else to add to the mix. Recycling is one of them.

These days there is now more focus and the pressure to be greener is stronger than ever, so you may be wondering how you can incorporate that into your business. I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you could do it.

Recycling old technology

One of the first areas to consider would be recycling older technology. Things change at a rapid rate these days, and with new computers, tablets, phones and landlines being released all the time, your office may suddenly be infiltrated with old technology knocking around and you have no idea what to do with it. It can be as simple as to send these old computer items to places that specifically recycle those materials, and helping you to clear the office as well as doing the right thing for the environment.

Disposing and purchasing new ink cartridges

Any office will agree that the rate you can go through ink cartridges for the likes of printers and photocopiers is fast. So while you are wanting to replace them quickly you also have dole cartridges to be disposing of far faster than ever before. This is when if you visit Cartridge People for great deals on printer ink and toner, you could find that you then can have the replacements much faster. Recycling older cartridges can be done at specific outlets so that you are not needing to dispose of them in the standard waste disposal.

Making it easier to recycle

Sometimes it can be hard to encourage others to follow your way of thinking, and recycling can be one of those areas where you have to lead by example. But you could also make things easier in the office surroundings by adding different dustbins for different materials such as plastics and papers. Then there really is no excuse for you to do your part in terms of general recycling in your office.

Making the most of fresh air

Air conditioning can cost a lot and use up a lot of energy in the office, so it may be worth trying to make the use of fresh air as much as possible. That means opening up the windows and refraining from using air con unless you need to. It can certainly help keep down those spiralling energy bills.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Finally, attending your place of work could also be a focus on getting your business to be greener as you could encourage reducing the carbon footprint. That could mean car sharing on the drive to work, encouraging the use of public transport or even offering incentives and schemes for riding to work or walking.


I hope that this has given you some idea of how you can keep things green in your business.

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