Sales and marketing have changed a lot in the last few months, but as far as the importance of having a dedicated lead generation plan is concerned, that part has not been affected negatively. On the contrary, more companies are beginning to realise that they not only require a lead generation strategy but also a strategy for qualifying and converting them in light of all the new factors that have popped up recently.

Real Estate Needs a New Lead Generation Strategy

If the concerned business deals with real estate, then they likely have a system of generating and qualifying property leads already. This is mostly because working in this sector without proper customer identification and targeting strategy is nearly impossible. However, the market is not the same anymore, so adapting to a changing market requires abandoning the older lead management strategies, or modifying them to suit the present circumstances. Now, the present circumstances are certainly a result of Covid-19 breaking out and the ensuing lockdown, but those consequences as we are seeing now is not exactly what one might be led to believe at first.

The Real Estate Boom

Although the real estate market slumped to new lows during the first stage of the lockdown, it has since picked up again as regional lockdowns end, indicating a huge boom in real estate right now. For example, an unprecedented and unexpected summer boom was seen in between July – 15 and August 15, when the British real estate industry managed to reel in a massive £37 billion in revenue in those 30 days! 

In light of the fact that summer is typically when the price of real estate falls to its lowest point every year in the UK, these numbers are nothing short of astounding. A fact that is made even more impressive when we look through the stats to find that a large section of the British economy is simply trying to survive 2020, not even dreaming about a boom this year by any means.

Capitalising on the Boom with a Property Leads Strategy

If you wish to capitalise on the sudden and very much welcome summertime real estate boom, your company will need a new strategy for generating property leads. This is where specialists like NXT Generation can make a key difference. They are a lead generation company that specialises in creating and implementing comprehensive property leads identification and qualification strategies, as well as lead generation for other businesses. Their multifaceted strategies include everything from email marketing, video marketing and social media marketing, to even the use of cutting-edge VR tech for reaching out to high-quality leads safely at home. If you have a business that needs leads, you need a company that offers future proof strategies.

The boom will last at least for the coming few months, but it will come to an end within the foreseeable future, albeit gradually. Keep in mind that your lead generation company should help you prepare for that as well and not just the boom.

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