Working remotely has plenty of benefits, but it can also be a challenge. When you’re working from home you’ll need to take steps to look after your health. There are plenty of simple ways that you can put your health first.

1. Eat the right foods

When we’re working from home many of us slip into unhealthy eating habits, whether it’s unhealthy snacks or too much coffee! When you’re working remotely, it can help to set yourself a few healthy food goals. Here are a few examples to get you started.

  • Try to learn a healthy recipe each week.
  • Buy healthy snacks to eat on your work breaks.
  • Check out healthy food apps to learn new things and improve your diet.
  • Set yourself a limit on cups of coffee or tea.

2. Set healthy boundaries

When you’re working from home your schedule may become harder to manage. You might find yourself waking up later, and having to work later into the night. Try to maintain a healthy schedule by setting yourself boundaries. Use time management tools to create a schedule, and stick to it. Avoid taking on too much overtime, working excessively will cause you to become stressed and burned out.

3. Set up your desk correctly

When you’re working from home you’ll need to ensure that you set up your desk correctly. You’ll need to purchase an ergonomic chair and position your monitor in the correct place. Some people prefer to use Electric height adjustable standing desks. Standing up to work can improve your fitness levels and your posture.
Make sure that you take breaks to stretch throughout the day. Studies show that stretching breaks can prevent injuries associated with sitting.

4. Breaks away from the house

When you’re working remotely you might feel a little stir crazy at times! To support your mental health, try to take regular breaks away from the house. Take a walk to unwind, run to the shop or sit in your local park. Taking enough breaks helps to boost your productivity levels, helping you to remain creative.

5. Use mental health apps

To support your mental health, there are lots of different apps. During the working week, it’s important to practice self-care. For a few of the best mental health apps, try these options:

Moodfit: The Moodfit app has many features which can help to boost your mental health. You can use the app to set goals, practice positive affirmations, use a journal, or get tips. The app includes activities such as meditation and breathing activities, both are helpful to ease stress.

Sanvello: Using this self-care tool you can get plenty of tips to improve your overall health. Sanvello can help people who experience anxiety and depression.

With so many options, it’s simple to stay healthy while working at home. It’s important to communicate with your employer and ask for support if you need it. If you run a business from home, you’ll need to find effective ways to manage your workload and your health.

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