You work hard for your money. The chances are you have put in really long hours, the type where hours turn into days and days turn into weeks. Starting any business is an exciting and lengthy process. What now?

You have more disposable income than ever before, and you want to treat yourself to a couple of luxury items. But, they have to work with your business image and the lifestyle that you live, and the one you’re aspiring too. Here are a few suggestions of what you should spend your hard-earned cash on:

Firstly, take notice of your wardrobe. Now you have some more income; it might be worth exchanging some of the items. A few smart investment pieces are:

  •      Tailored Suit
  •      3-5 fresh shirts, in a variety of colours
  •      One pair of high-end shoes
  •      Winter Coat – buy this early in the year for a decent discount
  •      One pair of boots
  •      One pair of trainers
  •      One pair of Jeans
  •      3 pairs of Chinos

Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a while, also don’t be tempted to reach for comic book t-shirts or bright pink shorts for the sake of it. Buy things you already wear. The idea is that the paradox of choice (where having move doesn’t make it easier to choose, but in fact more difficult) is going to take your time up, and you want to stop that. Slim down your wardrobe, buy higher-end brands and you’ll get more wear out of each item.

Secondly, look at what you are driving, if you’re still in the little lime green polo that you got when you were 17 – you might need to be thinking about an upgrade. Something sleek that looks as luxurious as it feels is the New Vauxhall Crossland X. You’re likely aware that if you drive for work, then the running costs can be offset on some occasions in your taxes. If you’re struggling to gather than the capital for a car, you get a loan on your car.

What are you working on? If you have been putting off purchasing a new desktop or laptop, maybe it is time to invest. After all, entrepreneurs spend so much time on their computers, and it really is worth the expense to have something great to work with. If you have a reasonably new desktop, then it might be worth considering something that allows you to be a bit more mobile. Where your business allows for it, you might like to escape the office space you usually work in and head out and find new places.

As this is a luxury list, then why not consider a Mulberry briefcase or a Gucci backpack. Not only are these practical items, but they are the epitome of luxury items. In general, these are going to elevate your whole look, and clients tend to appreciate the little touches.

So, there are a couple of extravagant but necessary items that will not only upgrade your appearance, but you’ve invested in some pieces that will last for years, and you’ll not need to update again any time soon (which saves money in the long run too).

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