Let’s face it running a business is expensive work, and having to deal with the maintenance of your property and tools is one of the things that can cost the most money.

Generally, these sorts of things can cost more than we imagine, and unfortunately, come up at the wrong times. Making sure that we are on top of maintenance issues, and do everything we can to prevent them in the first place is essential. But what does a business owner need to do to ensure that we aren’t stung by huge maintenance bills?

Things break down, and accidental breakages happen, but here is what you can do to prevent these being too problematic.

Regular checks

Keeping a regular check on all of your equipment and building maintenance is the first call to make when starting a business. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day running of a business and forget about the finer details such as if the Piezo Transducer needs updating, or window seals are still effective. Having a gas engineer, electrician, and maintenance “person“ at hand, is something that we should all consider if we have a business of our own.

It’s not always the most fun thing to organize, but ensuring that they surprise problems don’t crop up at the wrong time, can save you a world of stress and Inconvenience.

Doing it right

When you first set up your business, there are going to need to be some decisions made, and making sure that you make the right decisions to start with, or thorough in every aspect of health and safety at the very least, and have done your research thoroughly before you begin, is essential.

Any good business person will tell you that it’s a false economy to cut corners when starting a business, especially if you have offices with people relying on you to get it right in the first place. Health and safety is, of course, no joke, and you can run into trouble if you don’t have effective procedures and safety equipment to hand.

The tools of the trade that you need will also require regular checks and servicing to prevent any problems as well. And this can’t be expressed enough to ensure you prevent issues Further down the line.


Knowledge is Power so they say, and knowing how to fix the odd issue, and maintain your own tools and office equipment can save you time and money.

Of course, it’s never a good idea to start playing with gas appliances, and you must be very careful when trying out new things if other peoples health and safety relies on it, but there’s no harm in getting a screwdriver out to fix Some picture frames to the walls and the odd wobbly table leg.

There is always somebody in an office that is willing and able to help with some DIY. And getting the balance right between hiring professionals and trying things out for yourself is difficult but not impossible.

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