COVID-19 and the lockdowns it’s caused have brought untold damage down on the heads of countless companies. Even with much-needed government support, countless startups simply aren’t in the position to weather extended social distancing. Instead, they’re facing escalating lost profits, the need to start marketing from scratch. This piece talks about how to manage manufacturing through lockdown. 

It’s a worrying time and one that, if China’s anything to go by, will impact startup deals by as much as 50%. But, does that mean your budding company doesn’t stand a chance at weathering this storm?

We don’t think so. In fact, whether your startup was two months or a year old when lockdown began, you stand as much chance at reopening your doors as anyone else. You simply need to focus on how you can adapt and continue pulling revenue during this time.

For many companies, this will mean adapting to work from home processes. For others, it’ll mean finding new ways to tackle manufacturing. After all, the ability to continue making and distributing products is key to reducing lockdown ramifications. And we’ve got some tips to help you achieve precisely that.

Send stock directly from wholesalers

 Like everyone else, warehouses are attempting to adapt right now, and many are doing so by increasing their services. In some cases, wholesalers have even started shipping company orders directly from warehouses for non-contact continuation. By seeing if your supplier will do the same, you stand the best chance at continuing to sell even large amounts of stock, no matter how remote or reduced your actual workforce happens to be. 

Outsource production where you can 

While outsourcing your entire production process won’t always be possible, taking this step where possible means you can continue working with an in-person skeleton staff that’s more easily able to adhere to social distancing. In some instances, it’s possible to send your entire product design to an outside company for development. Or, you may find that you can reduce work involved in the production by turning to an external chemical company or similar to take care of non-core essential processes for you. Then, you can continue to fulfil orders without risking your staff, or yourself, at any stage. This also allows you to focus on more pressing items for your businesses manufacturing during lockdown.

Tailor your range

It’s also worth noting that, even if you’re continuing to work right now, tailoring your range for utmost relevance is also worthwhile. After all, many companies are currently finding that consumers lean towards essentials and small items rather than high-end products right now. As well as saving you money at this crucial time, tailoring your product offerings to meet these requirements means you can more easily keep on top, and continue to deliver at speed and standard that’s sure to satisfy. 

Reconsider Your Suppliers

Over the Covid-19 pandemic’s various phases, entrepreneurs had to adapt to the many difficulties that came up. Often the supply chain gets interrupted, and it is not uncommon for some of the suppliers to have gone out of business. 

However, when reestablishing a functioning supply chain, make sure you find new stakeholders that align with the values and mission of your own company. For example, Avocet trusted suppliers of steel have been in business for several generations, have been able to adapt to the changing economy and provide high-quality, bespoke services. This is the kind of ally you want by your side during a crisis!

The full impact of the pandemic has yet to be seen but, one thing’s sure – you’ll come out of this better if you find ways to carry on working right now. While that shouldn’t mean rushing into normal processes that compromise social distancing, thinking about continued manufacturing methods is guaranteed to benefit you down the line.

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