One area of marketing that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves is the trade expo. These are large exhibitions based around a particular field where businesses can set up a stand that attendees can visit.

The marketing value of these exhibitions is extensive, and it is something you can read more about in the post below.

Grow your brand

One way in which you can make your visit to a trade show count, after all, your place isn’t free, is to use it as a platform to grow your brand. In fact, your booth should be a microcosm of everything that your business stands for, as well as being an opportunity for carrying out you more effective marketing practices in real life.

What this means is that first of all your exhibition stand design needs to be spot on. Luckily, to help you with this there are professional stand designers that can ensure your booth is head and shoulders above the competition.

Of course, you will also need to come up with some smart ways of getting people to visit you too if you’re going to make your visit to a trade show count. To that end providing them with prizes, information, a warm welcome, and even some entertainment can be useful. All things that you are probably doing with your online marketing, but you will need to adjust to real life.

Although, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be analogue. In fact, there are even apps now that can help you make the most of your expo visit and boost customer engagement, as well as collection contact information to be turned into warm leads later on.

Do your research

Next trade expos are such a fantastic opportunity to find out what your customers want from you. Something that can, of course, help to boost your profitability as a business.

However, it is best not to try and get in-depth interviews with every person that visits your booth. Instead, why not offer an interactive touch screen quiz that asks some quick multiple choice questions. You can even provide the chance to win a small instant prize as an incentive, something that will help people complete it and drum up a bit of buzz around your booth.

Make leads

Lastly, trade expos are a fantastic place for collecting leads that are targeted to the specific demographic you wish to reach. After all, if people are attending it’s likely, they will need your services.

With that in mind, its vital that you take that opportunity not just to engage and impress potential customers, but to also connect with them in a meaningful way as well. This may be by encouraging them to follow you on social media, to sign up for your newsletter, or even with something as simple as placing their business card in a fishbowl before the leave.

Once again incentivise these actions by offering prizes, and discounts and you can expect to collect valuable targeted leads. Leads that your sales department can use once the expo is over, a result that will genuinely make your attendance at such an event count.

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