The pandemic hasn’t been kind to hospitality. But now that summer is here, things are beginning to open up again, which is great news for businesses. Having a plan to make the most of the summer can help your business get back on track. And even with things looking more hopeful for the coming months, it’s important to think about the future and how you can do right by your business. Make the most of the summer with these tips for maximising your hospitality business.

Have a plan for reopening

Reopening your business is going to take some careful planning. You need to ensure that you can comply with ongoing COVID-19 regulations, allowing you to keep both customers and employees safe. There are all kinds of things to consider when running your business during COVID-19, which will continue to change as different guidance comes into place. 

Make sure your business is fully prepared before you reopen and be sure to communicate regularly with employees to make sure they’re fully informed too.

Make your space weather-proof

Having an outdoor space is very useful for hospitality businesses, with outdoor hospitality being allowed to reopen a long time before indoors. As the weather continues to get warmer in the UK, there will be an increased appetite for al fresco dining, and if you can create an inviting outdoor space, you can expect your business to be busy over the coming months.

In the UK, it’s no secret that we’re not always blessed with the best weather. Weather-proofing your outdoor space allows you to continue to welcome customers, even if the weather isn’t great. Adding some roofing can be simple and affordable, with a polycarbonate sheet roof providing weatherproofing, without compromising on light. Adding heating and lighting can also help keep your customers happy in the evenings, helping you make the most of your trading hours. 

Promote your business as much as possible

After months of being closed, it’s time to make your customers aware that you’re back and ready to welcome them again. Some great tips for marketing your hospitality business include promoting the value you can offer customers, as well as having flexible cancellation policies. Using your social media channels, you can engage with both existing and new customers to let them know you’re open and that your venue is a great place to visit now that restrictions are easing. 

It’s also an opportunity for you to introduce new things, including giveaways, themed nights, special menus and offers. People are ready to return to hospitality, and you can make the most of that excitement by trying new things for your business.

While it has been a difficult time for hospitality businesses, there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel. Get your action plan in place to open up and welcome back your customers ready to have a great summer to mark the start of an exciting new chapter for your business.

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