Marketing is so vital for businesses, and even more so these days. Because the internet has brought us all closer together, it’s essential that you ensure you do as much as you can to promote the company effectively.

Now, there are a lot of really effective marketing techniques that are commonplace in the modern business world. Every digital brand these days will have a stunning website and social media profile, and you should as well.

You have to look at what you can do to use business marketing hacks that are a little less common. You should never just have one marketing strategy for the company; make sure you cast your net far and wide. These are some of the ideas you never thought would be so successful for marketing your business.


Signage is a really important and effective way of promoting a company. Think about how well you can use signs to boost your logo and tell people about your business. Sign makers like A1 Designs specialise in creating business signs for storefronts and businesses. The use of physical signs has taken a downturn in recent times since everyone has moved online, and this can give you an edge. By using signage you are standing out and attracting attention, and this is going to help you attract more people to the business.

Business Cards

One of the most underrated forms of business advertising comes in the form of business cards. These might seem like a throwback to the ‘00s, but there is still a place for them. These are a really great way of sending out a business calling card. They give a snapshot of you and your brand and can be used to capture people’s interests. They work much more effectively than simply writing your email address on a scrap of paper. Business cards look cool, professional, and are something tangible that people can take away with them.


Business exhibitions still exist these days, and they are an essential way of marketing your company. If you can attend one of these expos, you’ll have the chance to interact with customers face to face. You will need to design a business stand to make it as professional and engaging as possible, and you’ll also want people to attend who are knowledgeable about the brand and good at public speaking. Expos present a unique chance to do something a bit differently and attract potential clients from another source. You might not think it, but this can actually prove a really effective way of marketing your company and generating interest in the business.

These are some of the excellent marketing techniques that will help you to promote your business successfully, but ones you may not have thought to use. There is still a place for marketing offline these days, and the more you can embrace this the better it will work out for the company. Try to implement these suggestions into your marketing strategy wherever you possibly can.

Are there any interesting startup exhibitions you’ve heard of recently?

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