After the way that the world has been in the last twelve months, with a global pandemic wreaking havoc pretty much all across the globe and economies and businesses crumbling all over, it is little wonder that the ones who have managed to make it this far are desperately looking at how they continue to stay afloat and hopefully even grow over the next year or two, whatever that may bring.

The pandemic has shown us one thing: the importance of being adaptable and fluid in order to cope with unusual circumstances. From car manufacturers switching to production of PPE to distilleries making hand sanitizer, the businesses that have flourished and will continue to do so are the ones who have been able to modernise and keep up with the situation.

Modernisation is key to every business. Lag behind in developments and practice, and you will rapidly find yourself lagging behind your competitors. Here, we look at some top tips to help you stay up to date and modern in your small biz.

Update your branding

There is no need for a brand to become stale. Brand updates help firms in adapting to market changes while still keeping consumers interested. Companies of all sizes go through regular branding updates – just look at how many times Disney has changed their logo. You can do something as simple as changing colours in your marketing to a whole new rebrand. Work with professionals from Design Cloud for your new logo, and look at web designers to help you update your website.

Have an active presence on social media

Despite social media being one of the best and most cost-effective marketing tools out there, there are a surprising number of small businesses that still do not have a presence on social media. The ones that do often do not use it to its full potential. Failure to take advantage of this opportunity could have a negative effect on your small company, as it is a fantastic way to stay in contact with consumers and promote your distinct brand.

Creating your own business social media accounts is incredibly simple, as all you need is an email address and some basic details to get started. You can post images, videos, and written content on social media, as well as direct links to your website. It is the perfect way to engage with your customers because they can leave feedback on your posts, which you can respond to right away.

Many small businesses have seen significant revenue increases as a result of social media, as it only takes one viral post to see the company go famous around the world.

Create an app

Improving the usability of your goods and services is a perfect way to develop consumer loyalty and refine your offering organically. Apps for mobile devices are a fantastic way to reward and bring value to your customers. An app allows consumers to browse, shop, and connect with a brand in a more convenient way, with details readily available at their fingertips. As a consequence, your name is in the palm of your customer’s hand. More significantly, the more engaged and interactive your customers are with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase your product or service.

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