Whether you are currently running your business from your own home and are satisfied that you are prepared, both practically and financially, to move into an office space, or else are looking to change offices for professional or personal reasons, you have come to the right place.

Here are the most important factors in choosing an office space for the first time.

Short Commuting Time

Timesaving is something that many managers and business owners would give their proverbial right arm for. As such, the time you will save with only a short commute for you and your employees will enable you to be considerably more productive during your working day.

In addition, a shorter commute time will also mean you have more time to concentrate on the key areas of your business and therefore have more time to concentrate on growing and expanding your company than your industry rivals. So consider this when looking for office space. You will appreciate it, and so will your employees. Naturally, not everyone will live close to the office location, so if you can’t please everyone, at least make sure there is enough parking, public transport options, and other amenities nearby to make their life effortless while in the office.

Choose an Office Conducive to a Good Work to Life Balance

One influential, for the most part in a wholly positive way, change to how businesses operate, both here in the United Kingdom and overseas, is the move to a more flexible working schedule for employees.

Moving your company into a modern and simplified working space that allows for hybrid working for all will mean your employees will be able to much more effectively manage their time and be in control of how they spend this time to be more productive and efficient level.

It is also worth noting that this change in their working life will ensure your team members feel appreciated and valued, as they are now trusted to manage their time without being ‘watched’, as they would be every minute of a day when not engaging in hybrid working.

Aside from an improved work to life balance, choosing an office space conducive to flexible working will also supply the following benefits:

  • You will have more freedom in extending working hours to suit
  • You will notice a reduced number of sick days taken
  • Your employees will be happier and, therefore, more productive

In addition to this, you may find that to guarantee a good work-life balance you need more assistance in running the office itself. Fortunately, there is a good option out there for business owners wanting this: serviced offices. Check out the wide range of options of physical, serviced office spaces offered by the established theworkstation.co.uk and find out more about how to make your new office setting work for you and your business.

Newer Spaces = Reduced Maintenance Costs

Every experienced and knowledgeable business manager or owner knows and truly understands the extreme strain on budgets and, therefore, profit margins, overheads relating to property rental, and maintenance issues.

When looking to move into a new office and one with modern amenities and a tight service schedule, you will immediately see an improvement in the company’s finances. There will be a significant improvement in how many times items break, internet connections are disrupted, and how often you experience problems with walls and floors – some offices will see you experiencing none of this.

Again, as previously mentioned, this substantial reduction in overheads will place you in a much more powerful position against industry competitors and rivals regarding the amount of money you have to ‘play with’ in developing new products and/or services.

A Much More Professional Appearance

If your company is either in the start-up stage or you have been operating your company for a number of years based in your own home, listing your home address as the business premises could have cost you customers and clients in the past.

Now, when taking the plunge and looking for a new office, you can use the provided official company address, phone number and e-mail address, which will hugely improve the professionalism your business exudes.

When looking for a new office space, therefore, you need to remember the supreme importance of a convenient location and a neat, tidy, clean, and comfortable aesthetic for clients and employees alike.

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