If you ask any of the leading relocation companies, then they will tell you that your offices are imperative when it comes to the success of your business. They need to generate the right atmosphere. They need to motivate employees and inspire them. They need to create excitement; want to come to work in the morning. Yet, at the same time, they must be professional and sophisticated.


Finding this balance is the recipe for success, which is something one company recently done. Take a look at the story about when Eatons open a new office, and you will see what we mean. Bearing this in mind, we take a look at some of the most luxurious offices in the world, as well as some of the worst!

Best Offices

So, let’s start off on a positive note and begin with one of the best offices; the Red Bull Headquarters in the UK. There is one quality which can sum up the HQ in Soho; fun! How would you like to get to the floor below via slide rather than stairs? That’s right; the Red Bull offices offer a unique way of getting around. You also have ping pong tables in meeting rooms. And that is without even mentioning the ultra-modern and extremely chic bar and restaurant – the perfect place to enjoy a break. Many would argue that it may be impossible to get work done every day. However, we are sure the employees at Red Bull aren’t complaining.

Another example of a fantastic office is Bedfordshire based Nicolas Tye Architects. One of the most important things about selecting the right office is undoubtedly the location and Nicolas Tye Architects have perfected this aspect. Their offices are situated in a tranquil area and they boast the most beautiful views; ideal for generating inspiration. The offices take the form of a glass box with larch-clad ends; this allows for a wealth of natural sunlight and brings the outdoors in so to speak in. Calming yet creative; the perfect blend for a productive workspace.

Bad Offices

Now, what about bad offices? Of course, we aren’t about to go down the path of naming and shaming, but let’s reveal some cardinal sins. Firstly, clutter, lots of colours, harsh lights and far too much going on is the wrong path to go down. All it is going to do is create headaches and frustration. Stick to two or three colours and have simplicity at the core of your office design. You need to give your employees room to think effectively. A lack of cybersecurity is another big problem in offices today. Basic security measures like firewalls and VPNs are not hard to implement. You can even find free VPNs. You also need access control for physical security.


Additionally, a lot of businesses purchase the bare necessities and the cheapest furniture they can find. This is a big mistake. Your employees won’t feel valued. Your offices will look unimpressive. It pays to go that extra mile. Would you want to spend eight hours of the day sitting on an uncomfortable chair? Another mistake businesses make is that they do not give their employees anything to get excited about. Don’t make this error. Look at Red Bull; slides, ping pong tables and a chic bar. These are the sorts of things that are going to want to make people come to work every day. Of course, you may not be able to afford something so elaborate, but merely purchasing a pool table for the canteen or staff room can be beneficial.


So there you have it; hopefully, by contrasting the best with the worst, you will be able to see the stark differences between the two and how your offices can really make a difference.


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