The UK doesn’t always get the best reviews from the natives, but the fact is that it remains one of the best countries in the world. The standard of living is extremely high, and it also boasts world-class events and culture, and not to mention pubs, which are just about the best thing about moving to the UK. Those qualities are often more appreciated by outsiders, who, after visiting, often dream about packing up and making old Blighty their home. If you’re one of those people, then take a read below, where we’ll outline some useful tips that’ll make the process all the more straightforward.

Long-Term Ambition

You might want to move to the UK as soon as possible, but it’ll be better if you make this a longer-term ambition, for two reasons. The first is that it’s always a good idea to let thoughts relating to the big decisions in life ruminate for a little while. Given the scale of the change you’ll be undertaking, you’ll want to make sure that you’re making the right decision! Second, it’ll take time anyway — you can’t organise everything, such as a job, in a matter of days or weeks. The good news is that when you finally arrive, the wait will ensure that the moment is even sweeter!

Research the Legal Aspects

Unless you’ve got a clear and obvious link to the UK (such as your parents were born there and you qualify for a passport), you’ll likely need to go through the process of getting a visa. This is an essential part of the moving process because, without it, you won’t have the right to live in the UK. There are many paths towards getting a visa; it’s possible that you qualify on various fronts. To ensure you can live here long-term, it’s best to choose a visa that will lead to indefinite leave to remain UK. This part of the process won’t be the most fun, but it’s essential — and it’ll be highly satisfying once it’s all done.

Where To Go?

The UK may be smaller than other countries, but it’s still a large place. And more than that, it’s highly culturally different, too. There’s a big difference between Oxford and Liverpool, or Bristol and Middlesborough. So when it comes to your move, it’ll be vital that you’re researching all the places for you to live, and then make an informed decision. Much of this will come to personal preference, but there are some corners of the UK that are better suited to new arrivals. Bristol and London, for example, are highly popular with expats.

Early Days

You’ll be excited to get to the UK, but it’s important to remember that it’s unlikely to be a smooth journey all day, every day. You’ll miss home, you’ll be confused, you’ll see some elements of the UK that you don’t like. They’re all completely normal, and would happen wherever you moved. It’s best to just ride out those low moments and stay true to your dream!

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