A business that is fresh out of the gates needs to make a substantial impact as quickly as possible. For most people improving their online presence is the first port of call but if you really want to make a massive impact you’ve got to go for the jugular.

Trade shows give you that opportunity to market your business to clients and consumers and show people in no uncertain terms what you can do. It’s the perfect way to go in all guns blazing! But navigating your first trade show can be quite a mountain to climb. There are so many things to consider but what are the best ways to ensure that your first trade show goes off without a hitch?

It’s All In The Preparation

The important thing to do in the run-up to the trade show is to find out who will be attending. There any attendee lists available in advance. As soon as you start to figure out the type of people that will be attending a certain trade show you can get your products and your services towards them. As well as this start to consider setting up your email marketing tactics. But you also need to think about promoting yourself at the event. It’s not productive to assume that you’ll have plenty of footfall at the event. You’ve got to make sure that you maximise every single second you are there.

Making A Visual Impact

Everybody in that room has thought for months and planned their attack. Every single component has been carefully considered to give off that perfect image that showcases their brand but also highlights the products that they sell. This means you’ve got to consider the entire entity of your business. It’s important to consider how your stall will look and if there are going to be to draw people in such as interactive demos. You may also want to think about gifts that are representative of your brand. Whether it’s personalised hoodies or shiny trinkets think about the gifts in terms of the overall aesthetic. There is no point in giving out gifts for the sake of it. Anybody can come up with cheap merchandise.

Bringing The Right Team

As important as it is to present your brand and with tantalizing imagery you’ve got to remember that the people you bring on board will have a substantial impact on the outcome of the event. The people need to showcase the business but also have to know what they’re talking about. You can either use an in-house team or contact an event staffing agency to provide people for you. You have to remember when choosing external people that they are friendly and welcoming, not to mention professional. They are representing your business but they are the people your potential clients and customers will remember. You should also consider the right balance of people. You don’t want everybody to be enthusiastic and bubbly to the extent that they will chase people away. It’s about finding that mix between someone who is PR savvy but someone else that can convert leads.

The Location Of The Stall

Why you need to prepare are in advance to ensure that you make a substantial impact there is no telling who is coming around the corner! Picking the location of the stall is crucial at trade shows. You will get more foot traffic when you are nearer to amenities like a food stall or even the toilet! Making sure that you are as close to the main hub as possible is crucial. When people are tucked away in a corner they get forgotten about. It’s also important to remember that you can encourage your staff to work the floor but they have still got to respect the boundaries of other companies. You don’t want it to be a turf war!

Following Up

What’s the hard work is done you’ve got to convert these leads into proper sales. Following up is partly to do with the system you have on the day but it’s also about building that relationship afterwards. This is why it’s so important to make sufficient efforts before the show as well as make an impact during the event. Because when you come to follow up, it doesn’t prove so difficult. 


A trade show is a place where your business can make a name for itself overnight. And you’ve got to remember that everybody does it now. Ensuring that you make a significant splash at a trade show or convention can result in a never-ending list of positives for your business. 


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