As more and more companies begin to get back online after the lockdown, they will require more space to store their stock. This means the warehouse storage industry is heading for potential boom time. It’s a great time to start with the expansion of a warehouse, offering more space to small and large businesses alike. The only issue for many warehouse company owners is, how?

Do you expand off-site, whereby you will split your locations and make it more difficult to find the best storage capacity for customers? Or, do you simply find more space where you’re currently based? The latter is by far the cheaper option and if you have the room to do so, it makes perfect sense from a marketing and familiarity standpoint. Logistically speaking, it’s easier than you might think.

What are your capacity needs?

How much do you think you should expand? This is the golden question that needs to be fully answered before you make any plans. This will take some serious consideration regarding you8r customer availability and appetite. You can increase both by investing in a good marketing campaign, so try doing this first. However, if you’re getting calls and emails from customers that need more space for storage than you currently offer, you can size up how much more business you stand to attain just by their requests. Once you have your capacity needs discovered, now you can begin making plans for increasing your physical space.

A birds’ eye view

The next step in your expansion is to draw up a plan. Using a design company that can make you a blueprint design, sketch out the new warehouse or add-on structure that you will be building. Using a Drone Surveying service, you can see how much space you have from a bird’s eye perspective. They have experienced pilots who can manoeuvre modern drones into tight spaces as well as hover above the ground to get fantastic photographs. This saves you a significant amount of time and money since you don’t have to hire a construction company to give you an estimate. You can also use the visual captured to add to your blueprint, giving you a more realistic picture of where roads, storage space and power wires would be entering into the new area.

Marking the ground

Using your photographs and video taken from the drone, now you should work with a construction company to put some markings down on the ground. You will have bought the land already, so you can go around putting chalk marks on the surface where you think you will be placing the foundation and structural support beams. Mark out where the loading bays will be for the delivery or freight trucks, together with where you believe the power lines will need to run underground. Locating and avoiding pipes and drains is crucial at this stage so your plans remain as accurate as possible.


Expansion of a warehouse is the more economical choice if you’re intending on growing larger. Take your time looking over the additional space you have so you can make a structure that compliments your already-existing warehouse. 

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