Apple has released it’s highly anticipated operating system OS X Mountain Lion. The new operating system was released on 25 July 2012. Apple described the release as ‘The ninth major release of the worlds most advanced operating system.’


The new OS has over 200 new features including:

  • iCould integration
  • Messages app
  • Notification centre
  • Facebook integration
  • Gatekeeper (making internet downloading safer)
  • and many more.
The update is available on the Apple ‘App Store’ for Mac and is well worth the price tag of £13.99.

My Reviews:

iCloud integration: I found this very handy for backing up all my important file and documents. Especially after writing an article, I can automatically ensure it is easily accessible to my business partner if he wants to make any changes. Also if I were to loose my laptop, I can always retrieve all the documents store on iCloud with the click of a button.

Message app: This app allows the user to send instant messages from an iPhone to a Mac and vice versa. This app has got a lot of competition e.g. Facebook chat, Skype, MSN Messenger etc

I am yet to use the other features, however after I have experienced them – I will be sure to update this article.



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