Performance analysis is the process of evaluating and analysing the performance of an organisation in order to identify areas for improvement and to set goals for future performance. There are various tools and techniques that can be used to conduct a performance analysis, including quantitive analysis, benchmarking, and Baldridge performance excellence.

Quantative Analysis

Quantitative analysis involves the use of numerical data and statistical techniques to understand and analyse business processes and outcomes. This can include analysing financial data, such as sales and profitability, or non-financial data, such as customer satisfaction or employee engagement. By analysing this data, organisations can identify trends and patterns and can make informed decisions about how to improve performance.


Benchmarking involves comparing an organisation’s performance to that of other organisations in order to identify areas for improvement. This can be done by comparing various metrics, such as financial performance, customer satisfaction, or operational efficiency. By understanding how the organisation compares to others in its industry or to best-in-class organisations, leaders can identify areas where the organisation is performing well and areas where it may be lagging behind.

Baldridge Performance Excellence

Baldridge performance excellence is a framework used to evaluate and improve organisational performance in areas such as leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, and process management. The Baldridge framework is based on a set of criteria and processes that organisations can use to assess and improve their performance. It involves setting goals, collecting data, and analysing results in order to identify areas for improvement and to develop and implement strategies to achieve performance excellence.


Overall, performance analysis is an important tool for helping organisations to understand and improve their performance. By using techniques such as quantitative analysis, benchmarking, and Baldridge performance excellence, organisations can identify areas for improvement and set goals for future performance. This can help organisations to be more competitive and successful in the long-term.

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