Going back to the drawing board is something that we don’t want to do but it’s necessary. When we’re playing the game of business we’ve got to remember that there are various disruptions that can cause us to rethink our entire plan. Think of it similar to a game of chess. As such, we may have to consider cutting back on certain components but also restructure the entire business. Now, this may sound like a very complex task but restructuring your business doesn’t need to be a knee-jerk reaction to cut costs. In fact, it can help you to rethink how you execute your operation. 

Look At The Internal Errors

There could be components of your business that just require enhancement. The Glenville Walker commercial law firm is one such entity that specialises in business enhancement and restructuring. If you need professional help to make you realise certain components it’s important to take this on board. The problem could be the margin of error within each department. One of the ways to decrease this error would be to hire project managers. This will increase efficiency but also have an individual project manager to take charge of each component. This gives you breathing space, allows you to delegate tasks efficiently, but also make sure that you find the right person to enlighten workers with their expertise.

Implement A Custom Project Management System

There are many project management systems that you can take advantage of but we have to remember that when we use an existing system it can prove difficult to mould into our own way of working. Make sure that you develop your own internal analysis and from there you could create a custom project management system that enables you to see all the workflows and processes in real-time. As soon as you have a better understanding of your internal processes you can incorporate accountability measures to minimise error.

Focus On Automating Non-Essential Processes

Automation is a crucial component in many companies. But it’s not something for high-end businesses. Now we can utilise automation for our social media posts as well as our relationships with customers. By increasing your ability to automate, it gives everybody the opportunity to focus on different tasks. Automation can help in so many different areas, not just social media posting or non-essential administrative practices, but it can also improve your relationship with your customers through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

Address The Skillset Of Your Employees

It can be crucial to cut corners by cutting staff but when people’s jobs are on the line it’s important to note that what they are doing is beneficial to their skillset. It could be the case that people try to hold on to their jobs in order to avoid the chop but if you can look at the skill set of your employees and spread out the tasks between your existing staff it can push their limitations but it can also deliver results. Be careful not to stretch their capabilities too far; go via Parkinson’s Law or the 80/20 principle.


These four areas can help you to see the light. Restructuring your startup is not an easy thing to do but sometimes going back to the drawing board is what you need.

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