Sustainability is a crucial watchword in the business world right now. Indeed, customers and employees alike expect business to do their part in preserving the environment, and ensuring that they are as sustainable as possible. While not living up to such expectations can create real PR issues for your brand. Here are practical suggestions for a more sustainable business.

Unfortunately, unless your business has been formed recently, there are likely some significant changes you will need to make to ensure you operate in the most sustainable way possible. The good news is that you can read all about this topic and get some practical suggestions on how your business can be more sustainable, in the post below. 

Switch to paperless and remote working 

While a 100% paperless and remote office isn’t going to be suitable for every business, the closer you can get to these ways of working the better. 

This is because by going paperless you can help save a massive amount of paper, and other resources such as the physical space need to store a paper filing system ( something that will need to be lit, and heated, etc). 

Also by promoting remote working whenever possible, you can reduce the resources you use in running your premises as well as the fuel used and pollution created on your employees daily commutes. 

Appoint a green champion 

Ensuring there is someone on your team that always keeps an eye out for greener and more sustainable ways of doing things can be a real boon. Indeed, just like having a health and safety champion, it can help your business maintain its values in this area no matter what you do. 

Additionally, if you are working in a larger business with many teams, you may wish to appoint a green champion from each department. Then they can coordinate their efforts and get everyone working together to achieve your more sustainable goals. 

Of course, any such champion must communicate with staff, not only on what they should be doing to be more sustainable but also on what their concerns and ideas on this topic are as well. 

Encourage a switch to greener products

There are many products businesses use on a day-to-day basis, and by choosing more sustainable options you can make small changes that will make a big difference to the environment. 

In particular, look out for items such as stationary, replacing paper and card with recycled options, and plastic pens with ones that have barrels made with recycled paper. Swapping to more environmentally friendly packing for your products is a smart idea too, especially as these are often the first thing that a customer sees when they receive your product. 

Additionally, why not encourage your staff to be more environmentally responsible by supplying them with company branded reusable cups to use instead of paper ones? Indeed, this alone can reduce a business’s waste production a great deal, and provide some positive association between your brand and sustainability while you are at it!

Switch to greener cleaning supplies 

Most people see cleaning supplies as an essential part of running a safe business, especially in this post-pandemic society. However, it is also important to note that many such supplies contain harsh chemicals that can seriously damage the environment once they work their way into the water system.

With that in mind, switching to greener cleaning supplies is a must if you wish to run a more sustainable business. Look for ones that are made from all-natural products such as white vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. The funny thing is that such products are often a lot more effective at cleaning, and will make your workplace smell much better as well. 

Minimise and recycle waste 

Waste is a big issue for businesses, and most even have to pay to have their rubbish taken away. Of course, this means by producing less waste you won’t only be doing your bit for the environment but will be saving your business money as well. 

One way of minimising waste that would usually end up in landfills is to review your processes, to get more use out of the resources you have. For example, an office may choose to refill their printer ink cartridges, rather than replace them every time they are empty. While a manufacturer may change the cutting patterns they use to ensure fewer cut-offs and so less waste. 

In addition to reducing the amount of waste your business creates, it’s also essential that you properly recycle. To ensure this happens you must provide correctly labelled bins throughout your premises, as well as book-in regular recycle collections to encourage employees to keep using the system. 

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