With practically the entire world in lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many individuals will find themselves at a loose end.

Whether you’re working from home, retired and used to being out and about, or even on furlough from your job, you’ll need something to keep yourself occupied and take your mind off the current situation.

One useful way to keep yourself busy is to undertake an organisational project. Here’s a list of some common projects during lockdown so that you can pick the one, or more, that suits you best.

Do Your Personal Paperwork

Admin isn’t just for companies; you also need to make sure that all the paperwork you’ve accumulated over your lifetime is organised. From bank statements to old receipts, you’ve probably got a lot of paperwork that needs to be organised properly in order to be of use to you. Go through all the documents in your possession and work out what you need to keep and which can be disposed of. Once you know what you’d like to keep, you can organise it according to purpose and date.

Apply For Documents You Might Need In The Future

Now’s the best time to complete those tedious applications that you’ve been putting off for ages. For example, if you’ve not got a National Insurance Number, then now is a crucial time to apply for a National Insurance Number so that you’re ready to start a job search as soon as possible and do your bit to help essential businesses. Your application might take slightly longer during the current crisis, which is why it’s best to apply now, so that you have the time to wait for your documents and can rest assured that the process is in motion.

Organise Your Kitchen

Panic buying and stockpiling have made it harder to find the kitchen cupboard staples you usually rely on in the shops, which means that you need to be exceptionally efficient with your cooking and food shopping practices. The best way to achieve this is to organise your cupboards, fridge, freezer and anywhere else where you store food. Put items in order of expiry date, even tinned or dried goods that might have a long lifespan. It’s easy to forget about food items at the back of a cupboard for a long time, so by keeping everything within easy reach and organised by best before date you’ll be able to reduce your food waste and still enjoy cooking and eating the meals you love.

Put Your Clothes In Order

If your wardrobe is just a pile of mismatched clothes, then you should consider organising your clothes. It will make it easier for you to find what you want to wear and make the most out of all the clothing you own. You’ll never forget that you own a garment if your wardrobe and drawers are neatly organised. It’s surprisingly easy to organsie your clothes, so you can get your wardrobe tidied for when life eventually returns to normal and you’re able to wear all your favourite clothes again.


Do you have any projects during lockdown that has been keeping you busy? Read more about ensuring you have an organised business.

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